It was bound to happen someday…


Clayton has discovered girls.

Now, some of you might be sitting there, thinking to yourself “well DUH Christi!”

But you need to allow me to exist in my own little fantasy world wherein this is a totally new development in the life of my teen aged boy.


Something happened today that I thought I was at least a couple of years away from.

Clayton has a friend, Jacob, staying this week.

The boys wanted to go swimming…and I had no time to take them to the pool. So they asked if they could go on their bikes…

Sure…no biggie…he is, after all, thirteen.

*ouch..that still hurts to say.

A little while later, the boys came home.

But they were not alone.

Oh no…not even close to alone.

Lee was with him….and her friend.

There were two girls with my boys.

Lee and Clay are evidentially classmates.

(note to self…get involved at middle school)

They found each other at the pool today. She followed him home.

Yes…I do think she followed him…I know he would never encourage a girl to come to his house!

What kind of boy do you think he is???

Oh…normal..that’s right.

At any rate…he and Jacob are, at this very moment, walking these two girls home.

I’m not sure if I should laugh, cry, or break out his nekkie baby pictures and meet her at the door next time she shows up…and I’m sure she’ll show up again.

This is a whole new realm for me.

And I’m really not sure how to handle it.

part of me wants to tell the little harlot to take a hike and leave my innocent little boy alone.

The other part of me wants to high-five him…she is a cute girl.

Another part of me wants to sit him down and have “the talk”….again, and on a more serious and in depth level.

Another part of me wants to tell Brian to do it.

I guess I should be happy that he is a normal, thirteen year old boy.

Finding himself and noticing the opposite sex.

But I can’t help but be just a little sad…It seems like this year has been one leap into “grown-up-ness” after another for him.

I really just have to sit and wonder where this little guy went:

This little boy…who’s biggest worry was how many pokemon cards he had…or who had the latest version of the latest video game.

*funny little note about the above photo….Ricky wore those shorts last week. Man they grow way too fast.

Anyway, I know he’s not going to stay little forever…and he’s a handsome boy, so the girls are bound to notice.

they already have…he has one calling him almost daily.

But when they start coming over…well, I’m just not sure I’m ready for this.

Guess it’s time I got ready.

* update….apparently there was hand holding and  cheek kissing at the pool…per my spy….*sniff*….he’s growing up way too fast.


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  1. Well Lulu….hee hee congrats!! never too late to have the ole “talk” again and again and again and again …well you get my point. Whether it does any good will remained to be seen…snicker.
    Who is the girl in the picture that has her lip curled…hope that’s not the one he likes!!
    Good luck with the next 15 yrs hee hee….you’ll be through all of them by then!!
    Love ya

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