Finally! Other people’s kids!!!


I had so much fun on Sunday!!!

Our church put on a little community thing called “Chalk Fest”, where they sold spaces in the parking lot and everyone made designs with chalk.  It was so much fun, and some of the designs were awesome!!!

(who knew those pesky Brown kids would show up and win it all! it is such a small world…really.)

Anyway, I brought the camera along and finally worked up the courage to ask our pastor if he would mind me taking photos of the event.

Of course he was more than happy to let me, so I had some new targets to torture!

My children, were understandably relieved.

It has been so fun taking pictures of other people!

And I just had to come share some of my favorite shots with all of you.

Whaddya think?

This little guy was so funny…he just would not look at me, so I had to hide behind a tree to get this shot:

This is our pastor’s wife and their oldest daughter..she didn’t want me to take her picture either, but I see a smile trying to peek out!

This is their younger daughter…she is sooooooooooo cute!!!

And this little guy…I have TONS of shots of him…he is quite a funny little man!

This is our other pastor’s (yeah, we have two of em…we’re lucky like that) son, and Ricky’s bestest buddy!

And his little sister…just love those curls!!!

I have to say, I really enjoyed taking the pics of the kids.  They are just such fun subjects!

Of course, I’ve never done a “shoot” with children before…I may not find them as fun if I’m trying to pose them!

Anyway…those are just some of the well over 200 shots I took at chalk fest.  I’m having a blast editing them and I hope that maybe, just maybe some of the folks I took pics of will maybe ask for more..that’d be totally cool.

But enough of my wishing and hoping and prayin’ and dreamin’….I’ll leave you with a little chalk art…


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