I’m sure you are asking “what language are you speaking Christi? What does “Selah” mean????”

Well…the truth is…we don’t really know.

But from what I have been able to learn from church and my own research, it means to pause, hang, weigh, or meditate on something.

It’s a term commonly found in the psalms.

And today….today I need to pause.

I need to hang.

I need to weigh.

I need to meditate on things.

And since the things I have to weigh, hang, and pause to meditate on are pretty heavy..and I don’t want anyone else to have to carry the load…I have decided to pause and meditate on something that gives me great joy.

Old barns.

I looooooooooooove old barns.

The older the better.

Of course, anyone who knows me knows I like old stuff.

But old barns are my favorite.

I can’t help but look at them and wonder how the world looked when they were first built.

I’m certain things were different then.

Things were slower…or so it seems.

One thing that is no slower, though, is time.

Time marches on and we become old, broken, worn, faded.

But some of us, like these old barns, still manage to stand.

Majestic in the center of our homesteads.

An image of strength and pride.

So, Selah.

Pause…enjoy the old barns.

Imagine the stories they could tell.

The things they have seen.

The changes they have witnessed.

The storms they have weathered.


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