The 4th of July (told on the 9th)


I am so not good at getting my blog updated at the appropriate time..but in my defense, I was camping. So, not only did I not have a computer…I had no internet.

And today was the first day I actually had the time to do this.

(and technically, I don’t have time..I’m avoiding chores.)

So…our 4th of July, 2008 is now in the history books.

And boy was it a fun time!!!

Well…most of it.

We (we being our family and my sister and brother-in-law) decided we would go camping for the 4th.

We decided this on memorial day weekend…while we were in a campsite…I still think we were delusional at the time.

We decided to go camping without reservations.

For the record…don’t do that.

We learned a valuable lesson.

At any rate.

We loaded up the truck, camper and boat with all of our belongings and hit the road to Ft. Spokane.

which is misleading because it isn’t a “Ft.” as I know them…it’s historical I guess.

Anyway, we got to the campground and found a spot..turns out that the “first come first served” spots can in fact be reserved.

That would have been nice to know in advance.

So after much debating and gnashing of teeth, we (Amy and I) decided to go to the overflow spots at two rivers.

That turned out to be a fantastic idea!

(us gals are smart like that)

So we got there, which I was thankful for considering the put together mere days ago and not road tested truck we were driving.  (more about this later)

We set up camp, launched the boat, and went about enjoying our camping trip:

As soon as the tents were put up, we sent the guard flamingo’s out to stand watch…

They did an awesome job.

The lake was beautiful..this is where the Spokane river and the Columbia meet.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed the lake…and it tuckered them out!!!

Ahhh..the lazy days of summer!

I think we all had a great time camping…and some friends even came and joined was great.

Miss Chelsea:

Mr. Jason:

Miss Chloe:

Miss Mariah:

On the night of the 4th, we had a fantastic time roasting marshmallows.  They didn’t have any fireworks on the actual 4th so as to not compete with the display at Grand Coulee Dam.

S’mores get the thumbs up from Ricky!!!

The next night, the fireworks were awesome!!!

The trip was a blast, the food and friends were great, the fireworks were beautiful…I’d do it again in a heartbeat..and will for labor day.

The only downside to it all was the ride home, and even that worked out.  But I’ll leave you with a few parting words and this image:

steep hills, hot engine, melted spark plug wires, carburetor fire, pouring oil, non-existent head gaskets, God’s grace and some awesome in-law’s.


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  1. Okay, that last picture has me rolling…although I’m quite sure it wasn’t a laughing matter at the time…it’s funny now right? OMG….LOL!!! I am SO glad you had a fantastic time and the kids look like they had a blast (which is the important part, right?) You still loving that new camera? ;o)

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