Just breathe it in!


We had a thunderstorm move through the area today.

That is sort of unusual for Washington, really.

But I have to say, I just love them…

Ok, not so much the storms, I still cannot shake the little twinge of fear I get having grown up in “tornado alley”

But I love the way the earth smells after they move through.

So fresh and washed clean.

I imagine that is how it must smell in heaven all the time.

Fresh, clean, new and exciting!

I can’t, actually, think of many other smells that are quite so wonderful as the world after a summer rain.

On my list are:

  • the smell of the head of your newborn child. Nothing sweeter on earth.
  • the smell of a barn, full of horses and sawdust and leather.
  • the smell of my hubby’s pillow.
  • new car smell (ok, that one is silly..but I love that smell!)
  • the smell of a campfire and any food that is cooked over it.
  • the smell of sheets that were dried on the line.
  • the smell of irises, they remind me of summers spent riding a borrowed bike down the broken up sidewalk in Bellville Kansas.
  • the smell of the county fair, a mixture of cotton candy, popcorn, exhaust from the rides and livestock.
  • the smell of the pages of an old, well used bible.
  • the smell of coffee brewing.
  • the smell of homemade bread baking.
  • the smell of pipe tobacco.
  • the smell of my grandma’s house..always smells like home.

So, what smells can you think of that just make ya roll your eyes back in your head and breathe deep?

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