We’re going on a camping adventure…


To see what we can see…

Of course, we will most likely see really crowded campgrounds, sunburned people, wet labradors, and any number of drunk, obnoxious people.

Camping on the 4th of July will be a BLAST.

Actually, I am looking forward to it.  I really love camping.  It’s just been a really stressful week and I’m feeling a little less than motivated to get things rolling.

Which is most likely why I’m sitting here blogging instead of packing and cleaning and all of the other things I should be doing.

Do you ever get that way?  Just have so much come down on  you that you could just sleep for days?

I feel that way today.

I guess I could describe it as “overwhelmed”.

My dad is in the hospital again..because he refuses to take his meds like he should.

Why I don’t know.

Seems like a no-brainer to me to take your stinkin’ meds if they will keep you alive.

Then there is my Granny…she called me yesterday..twice…and once today.

I’m not upset that she calls…I love hearing from her, even if it does make me sad that she often forgets who I am.

But yesterday, she told me she was scared…didn’t feel safe.

That she wanted me to come there. (which I just can’t do right now…finances being what they are)

And when I offered for her to come here and live…she actually considered it…asked questions about moving and such.

I don’t know for sure how this is all going to turn out..but I do know that I am feeling led to step in and do something.

I guess I need to hit my knees and pray hard about it.

And I think I might just do a lot of thinking about it over this camping trip.

Really listen to what God is leading me to do.

And since I will be gone for awhile..and I have yet to procure a laptop to take camping with me…there will be no new blogs for about a week.

But I’m sure that I’ll be back with tons of fun stories and pics to share.

God bless everyone and have a happy and safe 4th!


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