Yard sale woes and pretty weeds.


I must be crazy.

That is the only reason I can come up with for the pile-o-junk sitting in my living room right now.

All of it complete with little masking tape price tags.

I have decided to have a yard sale.


Heck if I know!

Actually, I do know.

There are a few reasons actually:

  1. I need to purge my home of the clutter.
  2. Having the extra cash on hand for our camping trip over the 4th will be handy.

But I am honestly beginning to wonder if it’s all worth it.

I’m sure I will see the worth of it when all of the clutter is gone…yeah…that.

But, all of this sorting and pricing gets boring.

So here I sit, bloggity bloggin’ away…completely ignoring the mountain of toys I still have to go through and price.

(and we shall not speak of what awaits me in the basement.)

And just because garage sales are generally not fun to take pictures of or to look at, I will share some recent pics I took of sis….they are much prettier!

(is prettier a word?)

You guys enjoy those…I’m off to price toys and brave the basement!


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  1. AWESOME!!! Just about describes it all the way around Chris…GREAT job, beautiful scenery…especially SIS 🙂 I read a “saying” today I’d like to share with you. Remember our “lengthy” phone conversation we had recently? Well, this “thought” will fit on BOTH sides of the quandry……People won’t remember what you said, people won’t remember what you did…people WILL remember HOW WE MAKE THEM FEEL. Something to ponder…works in the huge puzzle of life…friends, relatives, raising kids, loving spouses…..how DO we make them feel?? Do we leave them feeling shame, broken hearted, useless, less than human or do we rise to the ocassion to make them feel good about them selves, assured in the love we have for them, knowing that NO MATTER what we love them, may not agree but we will always love them. Let them know they can come to US for the glue to mend a broken heart not be the cause of one…nuff bout that….I need to start one of these here blogs now don’t I? Love ya kid, We are headed to TN for the weekend of the 4th….leaving late the 2nd coming back the 7th. Have fun camping…take LOTS of picts and be SAFE. Oh yeah, Tony said to cut your hair SHORT, framed to your face and undercut it, I think that’s what he said, he’s in bed or I’d ask him. It means the underneath is cut shorter than the top layer so it can be flipped UP or curlled under. Again, bye for now

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