Spiritual Trans Fats.


Trans fats are bad for you.

We all know it.

Why, even the evil fast-food dominion that is McDonald’s has eliminated the nasty little buggars from their fry oil.

I have been happily avoiding trans fats for quite some time now.

But due to recent budget constraints, I have been forced to purchase cheaper “butter”.  (Ok, it’s margarine.)

I didn’t even bother to look at the nutritional info on the package.

I figured that everyone knew of the evils of trans fats and had, in fact, eliminated them from their products.

And surely, a fine, upstanding, consumer hub like Wal-mart would not sell such dietary suicide…right?


I was making dinner the other night, and since I’m the mom of the year and choose to only feed my family side dishes that come from either A.) a box or B.) a can….I decided that rice-a-roni was the side-o-th’-night.

Rice-a-roni requires two tablespoons of “buttah”….So I grabbed my package of cheap-o-fake-butter and dolloped two tablespoons into the pan.

But before I returned said stick-o-lard to the fridge, I happened to read the nutritional info.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that there were 2.5 grams of trans fat per serving!!!

My first instinct was to toss the evil butter.

But then the voice of reason spoke and said “but then you won’t have any butter at all”

So I stuck it in the fridge and forgot about it.

Until this morning.

I wanted toast with jelly for breakfast.

It’s what my granny always made me…and she put butter under the jelly…it’s awesome stuff I tell ya.

So I toasted my bread and started to slather on the non-butter.

And at that moment..I remembered the trans fats.

I said to myself: “Self, trans fats are bad for you.”

And I replied to myself:  “yes, but it’s only a little…and shoot…I’ve been consuming so much trans fat in the past, what’s this little bit going to do that the big amount hasn’t already done?”

So, following that train of thought, I massaged the evil-ness into my bread and ate it all..




But after I ate, my mind kept going back to the trans fats…

“why did I eat that? I know it’s bad for me.”

“I know how to turn away from bad things…I mean, I quit smoking..and drinking…and even gave up (most) cake. Why did I eat that?”

And it dawned on me that there is a parallel to my evil, bad for me butter debacle  and the evils we all face, spiritually, on a daily basis….

Why, when we know that something is bad for us spiritually, do we consume it anyway?

There are several things I slather on my spiritual life that are suffocating it with spiritual trans fats….








Maybe some of these are what you are slathering on your spiritual life..maybe not.

But I guarantee that each and every one of us is putting something in and on our spiritual lives that is bad for us.

So…think about it…what are your spiritual trans fats?  And what can you do to eliminate them from your daily spiritual diet?

I know one thing is for sure…for me at least.   I’m going to be far more diligent about reading labels, pay more attention to what I’m feeding myself…and my kids.

Thinking about all of this led me to get out my bible and see if I could find anything about spiritual trans fats.  Imagine my surprise when there were no mentions of trans fats in the bible. Hmph.  But I was led to the book of James.  And I think it’s awesome reading on this subject..so check it out.  Go read James.  I’m going to do the same…and then thank God for leading me there, and giving me this little message to pass on to my friends and family.


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