Lots of little things…


It has been so hard, lately, for me to keep up with my blog.

Things are just happening so fast, and there isn’t really time to just sit here.

Such is life with three kids and an impending summer vacation I guess.

So I’m going to try to highlight a few things that have been happening lately and hopefully, will revisit some of them later when I can elaborate.

As for this post…it will be all jumbled and random…

So, well…sorry in advance!

1.  Church yesterday was fantastic.  I found out that I am appropriately small…and that is an awesome thing to know.

A lot of what Pastor Kyle taught yesterday stuck with me…but there were a few things that I wanted to share here with all of you.

Kyle said: “God is Creator; we are merely created.”   Kinda puts you in your place doesn’t it?

I hope I can remember to come back to this lesson..because there is much to be learned from that little quote.   For now, I implore you to go get your bible and read these two verses:  Psalm 8 and Romans 1:20.

2. M’Kayla finally got to sing at her talent show.  She was soooooooooooo nervous…but did sooooooo well!  And as soon as I can figure out how to get the video off of the disk and onto this blog..I’ll post it for you.  I was so proud of her!

Speaking of M’Kayla…yesterday she decided to be my “model” for some practice shots I did.  Here is my favorite one:

There are others..but I still need to tweak a few of them…I’ll post later.

3. This economy.  It’s nuts!!!

I know I am beyond blessed, and that I shouldn’t complain..but I put $50.00 in my nearly-bone-dry van on Friday and got a half a tank of gas.  Are you hearing me???  It would have cost me $100.00 to fill it!!!

That is just nuts.  And I have been trying to reduce that amount of driving I’m doing…I really have! I’ve been trying to bike and walk whenever I can..but darn this cold, rainy, windy weather!   All I can say it’s I’m glad I still own a horse, because grass is free…and because it looks like equine transportation is the wave of the future!

And I will admit, that while I should not be complaining, $1.18 for one scrawny, icky looking green pepper at wal-mart is just over the top.  I’m almost glad my basement isn’t finished…perhaps I will get some produce plants and some grow-lights and have me an indoor garden this winter.

Oh wait…I shouldn’t put grow-lights in my basement in this neighborhood…that’s just asking for the cops to show up several times a week…nevermind.

4. Summer vacation.  Have I mentioned this impending doom…er…um…I mean joyous break from school that will allow me untold amounts of time to spend with my beautiful little gifts from above??

I’m at a loss as to what to do with the little urchins all summer.  With the economy in the tank, I just can’t afford to go gallivanting around the city looking for things to entertain them with.

Any and all ideas are requested and greatly appreciated…oh, and I want low cost or free ideas.

5. Alzheimer’s disease sucks.  And that’s all I have to say about that.


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