Have I mentioned?


That I am totally in love with my new camera?

I have?


But I am…I just love it.

It was well worth the wait.

I’ve been playing with it…a lot.

See, I’m toying with possibly starting a very small photography business.

Yanno, do a few weddings…some senior portraits…some families…maybe a few sports packages (you hear that racers??? call me, I’ll put together a package for ya!)

I’m still not sure if I can do it.

I mean…I’m not all that good at this photography thing.

And I have a LOT to learn.

But I’m trying.

I have also been on a quest to find some good photo editing software.

Seems when my computer crashed a few years back, it took my photoshop with it and I can’t find the disk.


So I’m searching.

Do I want the new photoshop CS3????

You betcha!!!!

Can I afford it?????

No way.

So..I’m looking for something that will work and not break the bank.

Turns out you can try lots of stuff for free on the net.

Who knew?

(I do, now..and so do you…now. )

So last night I decided to download a free, 30 day trial of paint shop pro.

It’s not completely unlike photoshop.

But it is different.

I’ve had fun playing with it though.

Stayed up way too late last night playing with it.

See…I got this really nice shot of my sister and brother-in-law while we were camping over memorial day weekend.

It’s not  a great shot…but it’s nice.

And I wanted to make it nicer.

Here it is SOOC (that’s “straight out of camera”)

There are a lot of things wrong with this shot…for starters…it was getting dark and I was not prepared to take a portrait..so my settings weren’t great.  There is a lot of noise in this picture. Also, Rob decided to use the exact moment I pushed the shutter button to sit up…so I hacked off the top of his head…which he was gracious enough to point out to me…to which I answered something to the effect that at least no one will know that he is lacking in the hair department if the top of his head is out of the shot.  But still, I wish I had framed the shot better.

Add to that the fact that Amy’s face is shadowed by her previously-not-sitting-up-that-tall husband and you can see where my dissatisfaction with this photo lies.

But still…I wanted to make it better.

So I started playing with it.

Now, I am not at all well versed in PP (post processing)  I just like to click things and see what they do.

I decided I wanted to try a black and white version of the photo…but for some reason I just could not make it look like I wanted it to.

All I got was a really washed out and over sharpened picture.

So I decided to try to make the color version better.

I played with different levels…filters…actions….until I finally think I made the photo something I can almost be proud of.

Here is the finished product…what do ya think??

Feel free to leave me some CC (constructive criticism)  if you are so inclined.

I really like the way this turned out…even though the composition of the photo wasn’t fantastic to begin with.

Now, hopefully, with this online course I’m taking I can learn how to actually take a good portrait.

Oh, and if you would like to have me do a shoot of your family…I’d love to practice.

Just call me!

And if you think I’m just horrible at this and should squash my dream of being a photographer before it gets any momentum…let me know that too.

I’m off to work on assignment two…and play with my paint shop some more!!!


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  1. You gave Rob and AMY a tan, well how about that.!!! 😉

    Picture looks good, keep at it.’

    As Chloe says, “practice makes perfect.”

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