Before I get started with the ins and outs of our memorial day weekend, can I just take a minute to squeal with glee that Patsy Clairmont left me a comment on my bloggity-blog?! Squeeeeeeeeeeeal!!!! are awesome!!! And if any of you don’t know who she is…you need to go here: Linkie And check out her books..she is just a wonderful person and really knows how to help you put God’s word to work in your day to day life.

Now…on to the weekend:

We decided we were going to go camping over Memorial day weekend.

We did it last year too.

I was not at all enthusiastic about trying to do it again this year.

Last year was a disaster.

I won’t go into details, but instead, will sum it up in a few sentences:

  • train..every 30 minutes…24/7.
  • bitter cold wind and rain
  • afore mentioned bitter cold rain in my tent.
  • 4 year old tent escaper, followed by an epic panic attack.
  • sleeping in the back of a van with a big husband, one kid and one smelly, wet, Labrador.

Needless to say, I was not optimistic about doing that again this year.

But Brian gave me the puppy dog eyes.

So I figured I’d give it one more year.

And secretly, in my brain, I plotted that if this year went as horribly as last year, I was going to formally ban camping on Memorial day weekend for all eternity.

Camping on Memorial day weekend is not banned….so far.

We (read I ) packed everything up on Friday afternoon and Brian and I got it all loaded in the boat.

After a little lesson for our city dog about what happens when you jump from the bed of a moving truck (don’t freak, he’s fine and will never ride un-restrained in the bed of a truck again) We headed out to the lake.

We got there, got the mix up with our debit card and reservations fixed.

(there always has to be a mix up, doesn’t there? )

Got the tent set up, the boat launched, and fishing lines were deployed.

We caught a lot of fish….M’Kayla caught a fish with bubble gum.

She caught one with her leg last year…she’s like the fish whisperer.

It’s weird.



The weather was perfect, because God does answer prayer, and I prayed…a lot…for good weather.

I didn’t want to freeze.

And I didn’t….cause God is good!

He made it all sun-shiny for most of the weekend…it was awesome!

The kids couldn’t wait to start fishing, so we headed down to the dock.

Ricky didn’t catch a thing…he was bummed.

But there were tons of other fun things to do, so he eventually cheered up.

We did end up catching a ton of fish, but my favorite meal of the weekend were the kabobs that Amy and I made.

They were Yum-O…and very pretty too…

Makes my tummy growl just looking at them!

We had tons of fun The dogs played in the lake, the kids got to go tubing, Brian got to take his mom and dad fishing. It was awesome.

I have tons more pics too, and will share them soon.

But for now, the dishes are calling and some kid keeps asking for a “sammich”, so I am off to make one.

And dream about shrimp kabobs and s’mores.


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