A bag-o-goodness


Is sitting on my piano.

Right in front of it’s charger.

It still has the smell of new on it.

It is shiny.

It is black.

It is a bunch of awesomeness.

I’ve waited a loooong time for it.

And finally, it is here.














That, my friends, is a beautiful Nikon D60 digital SLR camera with an 18-55 VR lens and a 55-200 VR lens. It also came with a bag, some cool disks I’ve yet to watch, a memory card and some other very cools stuff.

My much awaited, yummy bag-o-goodness is here.

And yes…yes I have been playing with it.

I had to..because my eyes crossed after the first three pages of the manual.

I’ll have to save that for another day.

Yanno..the day when I get brave and actually take it off of auto.

Like…next week sometime.

Right now, I’m just afraid I might break it.

So I’ll just play.

The kids wanted no part of posing for pictures.

They are so over it.

So I started taking random pics.

Our Flag:

The little bunch of lilac’s that are trying to sprout from my pathetic lilac bush:


Then, Charlie picked up the chewie:

And Junior said “Oh no you din’t!!”

And Charlie said “Oh yes I did!”

And then, the chase was on and chaos ensued.

And me? Well…I smiled, and peed my pants with glee that I was able to capture shots of creatures moving without too much blur.

I am so excited…and I love my new toy so much..I may just put it under my pillow tonight while I dream of f-stops and aperture.

(and maybe…if I’m lucky…I’ll absorb some of that manual by osmosis)


Somebody pinch me!!!! (not really…I’ll smack ya if you pinch me)

Thank you dubbya….I appreciate the gift. And you are welcome..your economy has been sufficiently stimulated.


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  1. I love photography. Hurray for Nikon. What an adventure is ahead for you. Your family will be like so over you…but you’ll be redeemed in their eyes in the years to come when they relive all your captured memories. I love to shoot at dawn when the sun dances across the landscape and wakes up my sleepy home.

    Have fun!

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