Ok…that’s done!


The focus of this blog for the past few, frantic (for me at least) days has been my horse.

Not of incredible interest to anyone really.

Funny how I got more comments though…I guess everyone really does love horses!

Anyway, whilst in the midst of the panic, sleepless nights, and prayer….life went on.

sort of…the house cleaning stuff is seriously lacking. But then…I’m no neat freak to begin with.

so what.

deal with it.

Anyway….I wanted to get back to some of the life that was going on while I was whining about my horse.

M’Kayla had a solo in her school presentation.

Oh yes…I am proud!!!

They had to dress up in “cowboy” gear.

And I am ashamed to say that she didn’t have any real cowboy gear.

(please send gift cards to the local western wear store to…me)

But I did my best to accommodate the inland Northwest’s stereo-typical view of all things “western”….

I had nothing.

It’s the best I could do.

And like a trooper, she pulled out the supah model poses and went to work:

She so sassy in dem boots!!!

Sassy…and annoyed…she knows how to work the camera!

And just for kicks…das boots. 100% authentic Tony Lama kickers…I *heart* them.

I may bronze them…do they still do that???

Anyway…she had her cowboy gear and was lookin’ all cute with her bandanna-bedecked bows and her shiny shirt. Off to school she went.

I arrived and the program began.

She got up to sing her solo…and of course there was a big ol’ microphone stand and music stand in the way.

Grrr…who puts these things like this..don’t they know us maniac moms want PICTURES?????

She sang her solo just like she should…and loudly. I was so proud! The other little girl got stage fright and ran off before she sang. Poor little thing!!!

Then the had to square dance. Oh how I remember square dancing. I pretended to hate it…I really loved it.

I got to partner with Mike Marczak…I had the biggest crush on him.

just as an aside…I got curious and googled Mike..guess what…he’s a PASTOR in CA!! How cool is that! He has a beautiful family too. Very cool Mike…very cool!

It was awesome!

Anyway…back to M’Kayla…she loves to dance. Even square dancing….she doesn’t even pretend to hate it.

Especially when she is dancing with her crush.

I can’t tell you his name..cause, yanno..some folks get all weird about their kids being on the internet…but he is a cutie.

M’Kayla kept point to him the whole time she was singing…it was comical.

Anyway…back to the dancing.

She loved it.

And felt quite comfortable telling the other dancers in her square that they were, in fact, doing it wrong.


I really need to work on her bossy butt stuff.

She is quite the performer. I only wish I had a quarter of her self confidence.

She also informed me yesterday that she is signing up for the talent show at school…she will be singing.

I will have to get a video recorder before then….I just have to mister!

So…since life is getting back to normal and I must prepare a lovely venison stew for dinner…I must now get off of my behind and get to cooking.

And in between the cooking and dishes washing…I will be admiring my grass. The grass I mowed yesterday.

The grass that was merely a wish last year, but that has exploded into almost a full fledged yard this year.

it’s green…and pretty…and mine.

Have a great day everyone!


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  1. UMMMM….I know of another little girl who delighted in telling her classmates that they were doing it wrong. Hum, must run in da fam!!!! However, this other childs self confidence was never as blatantly apparent as M’Kayla’s. She gets it from some where else. Well, now that I think about it…there is someone in this family like that. We won’t mention any names…the ex-princess…her daughter is now the princess here.! And Lordy, does she ever have that role down pat!
    Anyway, those are some really cute shots, and I *heart* those boots also!

    Best of luck to her at her talent show! We love you all!!!!!

  2. M’Kayla looks very “city” cowboy. I am sure she did wonderful! Grats to her for not getting scared, I am sure I could not of done it. Not to mention I can’t carry a note in a bucket..LOL

    “I will have to get a video recorder before then….I just have to mister!”

    Does this mean you are forgoing your New Camera?

  3. Square dancing was and still is so much fun. People in CA don’t understand it. The pictures of your daughter remind me of growing up in OK. I haven’t visited Lawton in 18 years so some of my memories are vague. I don’t have many pictures of my childhood so researching my library didn’t help me figure out who you are, sorry about that. Well, any how, it was a delight to read your post and to chuckle at the mention of my name. I pray God’s best for you and your family. Mike M.

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