Still no Honey


*Mini update: I just got a call from the Washington state brand inspector for our area and they think they have honey at the impound lot at Davenport (the sale barn..I can only imagine the diseases she has now been exposed to..ick) I will be calling the main inspector to identify her around 4pm..and if it is her I only have to come up with a truck, trailer, and several HUNDRED dollars in fees and frickin fines before I can get her back. Lovely. Please send donations to: me. And please, say a little prayer that it is her and that she is ok.


Not even a sign of her.

I’m just sad now…beyond mad…just sad.

(don’t get me wrong..the mad is still there.)

I know that for some people, it is hard to understand how someone could have such a profound sense of fear and loss over an animal…but they are obviously not, nor have they ever been, horse people.

See..she is more than just an “animal”…she is my friend.

The first time I saw honey, she was only hours old…jumping around on wobbly, way too long legs next to her mommy.

I tried like everything to get the money to buy her, but by the time I was in a position to have her, a friend had already made the purchase.

A year and a half later, I had the opportunity to acquire her in a horse trade. It was tough…I had to give up my barrel horse, Willy.

But Willy was getting older, and he had already taught me so much. That is what Willy did..he taught kids. So I let him go to a family who had a kid that needed Willy.

And I got my Honey.

She was not, by any means, the perfect horse. I’ll be honest here, she suffered abuse at the hands of the person who bought her.

She was a frightened, unsure yearling when she came to live with me.

But over time, I gained her trust and she quickly became my best friend.

I trained her, rode her and showed her for most of her younger years.

I refused several, high-dollar offers to purchase her.

She was a gentle giant when I brought Clayton home after he was born. And as he grew up and became a toddler, she never seemed bothered by him and would even stand, patiently while he “brushed” her.

I can’t tell you how many times I have just sat with Honey, and told her all of my problems, hopes, fears, dreams, etc.

I can’t tell you how many times I have buried my face in her neck and cried over various struggles I’ve had…and she was always a still, unyielding presence for me.

Sounds silly to some I know…but I really don’t care.

You cannot understand the depth of the friendship between a girl and her horse if you have not lived it.

And even though I am an adult now, and because of the daily life that gets in the way, spend far too little time with Honey…she is still my best friend.

And damnit…I miss her. I want her back. Sixteen and a half years she has been with me.

I really do hope that someone will see my adds, or will find her and finally call and look for her owners.

I have been praying about it…and funny how God answers.

Last night I prayed that God would help me find a way to reach out to the horse community here…because they would know what to look for and where to look…

Not an hour later, a commercial came on the t.v. for the ride the west expo…this weekend…at the fairgrounds.

The majority of the horse community within the inland northwest will be here…in my city…this weekend.

(never, ever doubt that God hears your prayers)

So…wish me luck finding my friend.

And if you feel so inclined, say a little prayer that she is safe. Being loose is not a good thing for a horse.


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