Told ya I never win.


Ree, over at Confessions of a pioneer woman announced the winner of the D80 today.

It was not me.

see…I told ya I never win these things.

In fact, today I actually lost something.

Actually…I think she was lost on Sunday. But I have no way of knowing.

Somehow…the chain and hook on Honey’s gate was left undone.

I’m not going to discuss the logistics of how that happened or get into any finger pointing…because, I this point..what is the point of that?

My Honey girl is gone…out there somewhere in the big city of Spokane…alone.

I know she headed south, out of the driveway….but that is all I know.

I drove around all morning looking for her.

My wonderful, incredible, super-awesome, tired, just woke up, has to work tonight, birthday-boy husband spent his morning on a bicycle looking for her.

I love him.

I’m trying really hard not to panic.

And trying really hard not to be angry about it.

And praying like crazy that she is ok and I will find her tonight when I go looking again.

She is like one of my kids.

In fact, I’ve had her longer than I’ve had my kids.

I hope she is ok.

Where are you my Honey girl???


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  1. Okay first of all that totally sucks about HONEY!!! I’m so sorry and I hope you post later that you found her!

    2nd of all…I also don’t EVER win anything! Stinks…I mean I am happy for the girl that one…but I despise her…ya know? lol! Anyhow…Hope you find HONEY

  2. Oh goodness! 😦 I stumbled across your page while randomly clicking links from Pioneer Woman’s (Ree’s) comments section… just wanted you to know that I’m praying that you will find your horse soon. Yikes… I hope that someone will find her and notify the police or the news or something…

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