Can I win? Just once???


I have horrible luck when it comes to contests and such.

I have never won a contest.


Never ever.

Isn’t that sad?? ( can say “awww”…it’ll make me feel better.)

I mean, my luck is so bad that if we go to a casino, Brian asks me not to come to the black jack table with him because he will stop winning.

I can’t even win on a penny slot machine.

Now that’s not to say I’m not lucky in other areas…I am.

Just not at contest winning. Or gambling. Or anything where “the odds” can work against me.

But I’m asking…just this once.

I want to be the winner!!!

Over at Confessions of a Pioneer Woman , Ree, the owner is giving away a prize that literally made my heart skip a beat.

Go look….I’ll wait.





Oh’re back.

So…did you see all of the drool I left over there?????

I mean..did you see that prize????

So, thing is, Ree isn’t picking the winner. She has some random number generator thingie that picks a number.

And if your number matches the one the random number generator thingie picks, you win!

So I’m asking…no begging that the random number generator gods will smile upon my measly three digit number and bestow upon me this photographic gold mine of goodness.

Like I said in my post over there…I think I’d wet my britches if it happened.

In fact..I flat out know I would pass out.

No way I’ll ever be able to afford that camera…and I lust after it.

(I know lusting is a sin…shush. )

It would make my decade if I could be the owner of said camera.

Probably more than a decade actually.

Probably several decades.

And….I wouldn’t have to stimulate the economy to purchase my camera…I could stimulate my savings account instead.

It’d be a win/win situation for me.

But see…I don’t ever win contests…ever.

But just this once….maybe….Please????


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  1. I wish you the best of LUCK! This would be so awesome for you and your families finances!!!!!

    I too, am terrible at winning anything where the odds play against me.

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