There is a giant bee in my yard.


And I am askeered.

I am allergic to bees.

Like, supposed to carry an epi pen allergic.

*note to self..get an epi pen before this summer.

Oh wait…that’s not a bee!!!!!

It’s a BOAT!!!!

Ahhh yes, my husband’s talent of stalking all things boating on craigslist has finally paid off.

We have a boat.

It’s not fancy.

It’s not pretty.

But we aren’t fancy folks.

Nor are we very pretty.

So this boat fits right in.

There she is.

In all her yellow glory.

And please pay no mind to the incredibly messy back yard.

I have given up on it.


So, what to name the boat………..hmmmmmm.

I could go with “McBoat”

Or pay homage to Forrest Gump and call her “Jenny”

Oh wait!!! How about “Jenny-bee”

Cause, yanno….I could say (in my best forrest gump voice) “That’s m’boat.  I call her Jenny-bee.”

That could lend itself to lots of fun.

Of course, the fewer letters, the cheaper the sticker is gonna be.

How about “LeBoat”

Or just “Boat”

Or “car payment”….that’d work too.

Oh how stylin’ I’m gonna look, haulin butt down the highway in my Dallas Cowboy’s blue minivan, towing this yellow boat behind me.




All kidding aside, I am excited about having it.  We are an outdoorsey family and we all love to camp and fish and spend time on the lake.  So this is going to lend itself to some awesome summer fun for us!

Now if only I could convince Brian that Labrador’s really won’t like being in the boat, and therefore do not need to go out on the lake with us……..

Anywhoo.  We had to make a trip last friday to Puyallup, WA.  (I’ll betcha can’t say that word right!) to get this boat.  It was a fun trip.  I brought the camera, though I’m not sure why.

I have discovered that I love to give the camera to the kids and see things through their eyes.

On this trip, I let M’Kayla and Clayton take some pics while we were driving down the highway.

I just want to share some of their shots with you…I think it’s amazing how they see the world around them.

M’Kayla took these:

And Clayton took these:

None of them are fantastic shots…it’s just cool to see things like they see them.

And the way I see things??? Well….I took these:

And I took these, yesterday, at Clayton’s track meet.

I really, really, really can’t wait to get my new camera…really.   I am seeing where the one I have is seriously lacking in the “get a fast shot cause he’s moving fast” department, no matter how much I adjust my shutter speed and aperture and ISO.


But I will wait patiently..and keep snappin away.  Cause now that we have a giant bee, we will be on the water..and there will be fish and tubes being pulled and wake boards being ridden.

This is going to be a great summer!!!


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  1. So super jealous! I love boats…I’m no good at skiing…but I’m all about the Banana thing and knee boarding…I attempt Wake Boarding but that was before my kids so I bet my legs won’t help me get up now a days! Anyhow…you are hilarious and I LOVED the pics of the mountains…so beautiful!

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