Some days are diamonds…


Today is not one of them.

Today is:

  • Cloudy skies and rain drops.
  • laundry piled in the bedroom that I can’t go get because my hubby is sleeping in there.
  • Magenta sharpie “X’s”  on the front of my country blue house, because I was stupid and left a sharpie where a five year old could get it.  And because I have not instilled in him the fear of a terrible fate befalling him should he write magenta “X’s” on my country blue house.
  • Nearly all of the dirt being dug out of my front flower beds and onto the front lawn by my black labrador.  Because the fence that I’ve been asking for for months still isn’t up and the idiot labrador can still get into the front yard.  And dig for “critters” that aren’t there.
  • Muddy paw prints throughout my house because of the afore mentioned digging.
  • The seemingly impossible task of sweeping dog hair off of the floor because I thought the other dog food would work this week.  Lesson learned.
  • Dishes piled in the sink.
  • Socks that need sorting and paired.
  • Top Ramen for lunch.

Now, I know there are good things too. Believe me, I am thankful for all of that.  it’s just that in this moment in time, I can’t see the diamond for all of the coal.

Hopefully you are having a better day!!!!


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