Track season!!!


Oh how I miss those days….the 100m dash…the long jump…the high jump.

I really enjoyed track when I was younger.

I wonder why I never did it in high school?

Oh well..that is another post for another day.

Clayton is doing track this year.

He hasn’t really found his “event” yet..but I suspect he will soon.

Anyway, yesterday was his first meet of the year.

I managed to squeeze in a few pics despite having to wrangle two unruly kids and shooting with what I have noticed lately is a incredibly sloooooooooooow camera.

(probably just noticed cause I’ve recently been allowed to play with the one I’m getting to replace it…and 3 frames per second is….well….it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.)

So…here are the pics from yesterday’s track meet.

There he is at the start…getting ready to go.  Anyone else think these kids look way too old to be middle schoolers????  Maybe it’s my mom goggles…I just can’t see him as a “teen”…dangitall.

Here he is doing the hurdles…yes, that’s him, way in the back, making like an airplane.  Can you believe the wingspan on that kid???

And here he is running the 100m dash…yes, that’s him in the back…again.

*note to self, buy your son track shoes.

I kind of felt bad for the kids from our school.  The other school is in a more…affluent…area.  And almost every one of them had track shoes.  You know, the ones with the little spikes in them..that give you better traction than the nike’s you wear every day???

yeah…all of our kids had just their every day sneakers on.

Clayton is getting track shoes.

Kind of makes me sad to see our kids try their guts out and get their butts handed to them because they don’t have the right gear.

Oh well…I can’t help the whole school…but my kiddo..I can.

Track shoes it is.

Anyway….I’ll leave you with this today….I’m off on a grand adventure.  And I’m positive I will have plenty to blog about when I get back.


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