Music to my ears.


We have inherited a piano.

I’ve always wanted one, and now I have one.  And there is music in my house…loud, obnoxious, annoying, ear-splitting music.

My Sister and brother in law just got themselves a new-ish piano and were looking for a home for their old one.

And I’m a sucker for things that need a new home.

Which is why I have three dogs and two cats.

So, of course when they asked me if I wanted the piano I said “heck yeah!”

Or something like that.

(actually..I think I said “as long as I don’t have to help move it”)

Anyway…I am now the owner of a piano…that needs work.

G is horribly flat.

Middle C sticks.

And we won’t discuss the two missing pedals and the one that is currently lying in the middle of the living room floor.

But my kids love it.

M’Kayla already learned a song.

Yeah…I taught her.

I can play a little.

she is even going to get to play it for her music class.

And last night…she taught it to Ricky.

These kids of mine….freaks…the whole lot of them.

He learned the song within 10 minutes.

But he has decided that Piano’s are not only for playing music…oh no!

They are fantastic drag strips for hot wheels.

He is currently staging a race between a roadster and a mini van.

I just love that kid.

And did you know that hot wheels fit perfectly between the black keys???


It’s their garage.

Ricky told me so.

Speaking of Ricky….

Have I mentioned that he is large?

I mean, freakishly tall?

The kids had their AWANA graduation ceremony last Sunday.

And Ricky graduated from cubbies and finished his book!  he was so proud!!!

He got to go up on stage with all of the other cubbies….

they are 4-5 year olds.

Here is Ricky with some of them:

(sorry for the bad pics…I didn’t take these.)

Now…those boys are 4 and 5 years old…Ricky is 5.

They hit him at the shoulders.

Weird, freaky tall boy.

And M’Kayla?  Well…she is just plain weird:

I’ll leave you with that.

I’m off to watch the drag races at Piano national speedway.


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