My new baby girl.


M’Kayla wants a sister.

She keeps telling me this.

Or at least she used to.

You might remember that I went to the women of faith conference recently.

Well, there was a point in the program where they began to talk about an organization called World Vision.

Now, most of the time I just kind of tune these things out.

But this time, I just couldn’t.

I listened….and I heard.

All of my life, I have always wanted to sponsor a child for one of the charities out there.

But I’ve always heard “oh they just take your money and run…those kids never see it.”

But this one was different.

I sat there, in the arena, reading this pamphlet.  And I saw the graphs…showing where their money went.

I saw that you can sponsor these children for $35.00 a month.

$35.00 people.

How much do we spend on latte’s every week?

I mean really…that is not a lot of money.

Then I dismissed it.

Or so I thought…..

As usual…God had other plans for me.

I went about my day and it was constantly nagging me.

Just sitting there, in the back of my mind.

I got Ricky a cup of water from the faucet…and I thought “how simple that is for me and mine..and how hard that is daily for those kids.”

I tucked my kids into bed that night and said prayers with them.

And it struck me that somewhere…there was a mother who tucked her children in on their mat…on the floor. And then sat up all night worrying where their next meal would come from and if the water she walked five miles for that day might make her children sick, or even worse….kill them.

The next day, I got up and went to the second half of the seminar.  As I was driving, I was thinking about how the kids had just had “missionary night” the sunday before and learned about what missionaries do in other parts of the world.

And how intrigued they were about how other cultures live…and how much I would like to continue to help that compassion for others and interest in other cultures grow.

And it hit me…like a ton of bricks.

One of those babies were meant for us.

But how do I convince my hubby that we need to spend $35.00 a month to sponsor a child?

Well…as usual, he didn’t take much convincing.

he is a fantastic person.

So, after the seminar was over…I had decided I was coming home with a baby.  I knew I would have no trouble getting Clayton to connect with this. He is kind hearted and really does “get it”.   I knew if I were able to get a little girl that M’kayla would connect.  But how could I get Ricky, at only five years old, to connect with this child and learn from this?

They told me I could pick the birth date of the child as well as the sex.  So I asked for a girl…born on M’Kayla’s birthday.

The lady went to her file and said “I’m sorry, we don’t have any girls born on the 7th…but we do have one that was born on the 8th, would that work?”

I said “oh yes..that will be just fine.”

And she handed me the envelope with my new baby in it.

I briefly glanced at her photo and tucked her into my bag while I filled out the paperwork.  After I got back to my seat, I pulled out the envelope and looked at the most adorable face!

I read her name…”Lydia Kazungu”

I read her birthdate…then her birth year.

And I immediately started crying….I finally had my answer as to how I was going to get Ricky to connect with her…she was born in 2002.

The same year as Ricky.

This precious little baby…the same age as my little baby….was somewhere in the world, struggling daily to eat, drink good water and survive.

I know that God led me to do this…to give to this charity…and now I knew that His plan, all along, was for this little girl to become a part of our lives.

Here is her photo…

She is the newest addition to our family…and she doesn’t even know it yet.

My kids just love to look at her photo…to talk about her country…to talk about the hardships she faces every day.

This little, tiny soul has touched a family half a world away from her.

And I cannot wait to do what God has called me to do to help her make it…help her survive…touch her life like she has touched mine.

We are allowed to write to her and email her (the world vision volunteers will deliver the messages to her and her family)  And we are allowed to send her small gifts.

We can even go to Africa and visit her should finances someday allow it.

I don’t normally try to get people to do things..but I encourage you to check world vision out.

If nothing else…please pray for these kids…especially Lydia.

Our newest family member!


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  1. Such soulfull eyes. That little girl is a darling!!!!! I want to hug her! I am so glad you found her. You will take really good care of her. Thanks for our new Granddaughter. If I can help out…let me know. She is a wonderful child…and with you guys as her “parents” she will go far and do wonderful things. Tell her that her new Nanny sends her love and prayers.

    Love You

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