Now that is just mean.


Yes, I know..two posts in one day.


Keep reading.

I should have known better.  but I went to that camera site anyway.

I wanted to see if they are having any sales.

My camera purchase money is looming oh-so-close and I want to be prepared.

So I went to see.

And yes, they are having a sale…a KILLER sale.

On the camera I really want.

With the lens I want to go with it.

And it’s right on the cusp of my budget.


one problem.

The sale is over on friday.

My camera money isn’t here until next month.

The big meanies.

I’m gonna go cry some more now.

It’s just been a rotten day.


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  1. What is this website…I’m so curious…I am looking for another lens…I loved your post on your Women’s Conference…it looked like you had a blast!

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