Women of Faith. Infinate Grace.


I mentioned in my last post, (or maybe the one before) that I was going to the “women of faith” conference.

Well, I am back now.

And nearly back on earth.

See, I have been floating since the first note of the first song on the first day.




I simply cannot convey how much fun I had.

How much I learned about myself.

How much I learned about my Savior.

And all of the things I walked away with.

It’s not something I can even describe.

It is just an inner peace and excitement.

weird huh?

No…really. If you ever get the opportunity to attend….go.

No, I mean it.


It was amazing.

(why yes, I am aware that I said that already.)

And, as I am pressed for time right now, I simply can’t go into much detail, so you will all have to wait to hear all about it until later.

For now…I will leave you with some amazingly bad pictures I took.

The worship team. They were wonderful!

(above and below) This is Nicole C. Mullen. She is just a beautiful spirit…can’t wait to buy her new CD!

This number she did toward the end of day two was just so incredible. I think I cried a BUNCH.

It was just crazy touching.

I do have more pictures to share…but now I must run.  The kiddos have AWANA tonight and It’s backwards night…so I have to dress them…backwards.

(who comes up with this stuff?)

Hope you all have a blessed day!


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