That is how I feel lately.

The weather has been fantastic…for the past two days at least.

(crossing fingers that it doesn’t get too bad this weekend)

And I have been outside..moving.

I never realized just how sedentary we get here in this family when the snow flies.

But I’m not taking up snowboarding any time soon, so I guess I’ll have to find some other winter activity..like joining a gym.

But in the meantime…I am loving getting outside and getting some fresh air!

I have been walking to pick M’Kayla up from school lately.

This was not brought on by some recent desire to look svelte in a tank-ini  this summer.

Oh no.

This was brought on by  the realization that I spend over $3.50 a gallon for gas this week.




it’s downright crazy is what it is.

But I’m walkin’….yes indeed.

Turns out that the round trip is a little over two miles.

(or maybe a little under…I forget)

and that is a darn good workout!

I feel energized.

And that is a good thing.

Go for a walk…it’s guud fer ya.

Other reasons I’m exhilarated?

Well..I have a blister on my hand…and dirt under my nails.

And anyone who knows me knows I love to work in the dirt.

I love to garden, and landscape.

It’s just a thing I love.

But I hate my yard.

I have been racking my brain lately trying to figure out how to make my yard look good.

And I can’t, for the life of me, picture it looking nice as it sits now.

So today…I started moving earth.

With a shovel.

Yep, no fancy bobcat’s for me…no HGTV crews to come do it for me.

(although, if they happen to read my blog…I’d be more than willing to allow any and all things here to be filmed if you will only come make my yard look fabulous…like  Carson  fabulous.  Yeah..like that.)

Just me and my lil’ ol’ shovel.

So now I have blisters.

But things are progressing.

And it just occurred to me that I need to take “before” pictures so when I post the “after” pictures (10 years from now) you, my faithful readers, will have a point of reference.

And the final thing today that has me feeling incredibly alive and excited is that I am going to the women of faith conference!!!

I simply mentioned to Brian that I wanted to go next year.  And guess what he did..


you guessed it.

He got me tickets when I wasn’t looking and surprised me with them!

I almost leaked when he gave them to me.

But I to pride myself on not being a “girly-girl”, so crying over really uber cool tickets is not an option.

Somehow I’ll have to find a way to repay him.

Oh wait…I had his kids and he has a late model in the shop.

tickets: paid in full.

Anyway…I’m stoked.

I can’t wait!

But for now, I’m off to lotion my hands and revel in the feeling of tired muscles and dream of pretty yards, pretty weather, a slimmer me (because all that walking has to do something) and decide what to wear to the conference!

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!


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  1. 6 words: Gardening gloves at the Dollar Store.

    I buy them there since mine always seem to end up in the middle of the back yard looking pretty tattered. And Guess WHAT!? They are only 1 dollar…..hahahahahahaha

  2. I am also attending a Women’s Conference that I am totally stoked about…It’s on May 2nd. I checked out your link to your Concerence at that looks so much fun! So have a good time! I wish my husband took hints…sounds like you have a good one! Oh and I wish I was into gardening, but I’m just not…Maybe someday though…I’m not giving up on myself!lol!

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