My Pocket change biography.


I’m avoiding the dishes.

Like you didn’t know that…I know you are all smart enough to see that this is my second post in one day.

Y’all are smart like that.

So, I’m avoiding the mountain of dishes that need washing and the enormous pile of clothes (clean ones) that need put away.

(we won’t discuss the dirty ones.)

And as I firmly adhere myself to the fact that these things, while needing desperately to be done, will not be done tonight…I begin surfing the intrawebs.

(yeah…I said intrawebs…what of it?)

I like to read blogs.

Usually it’s little artsy-fartsy blogs about how to alter a chair from the 1960’s and make it look “shabby”.

Or how to cook a meal, guaranteed to make your cowboy sit up and beg.

Or I’m hanging out on the NSBR board at two peas…mostly shaking my head at some of the ways women in this country think…and behave…and live.

It’s amusement for me.

Anyway, let me get to the point.

The point is that I was reading this blog (keep in mind that there is adult language here) and he spoke of his “pocket change biography.”

He took the change out of his pocket and looked at the year it was minted..then tried to remember where he was at that time.

Seemed like a cool thing to do.

And because I rarely have an original thought cross the circuits in my lil’ pea pickin’ brain, I decided to do it too.

So I dug in my pockets and this is what I found:

Three quarters, two dimes and two pennies.

(don’t’s all I have)

So…here goes!

First quarter: 1979 I was three. We were living in the little yellow house that my grandpa built on Yuma street in Manhattan, KS. At some point, during this year…I was found with a hairbrush, singing “look at me I’m Sandra-Dee” from Grease. I’m sure I was adorable. I was three…it’s hard not to be cute when one is three years old.

Second Quarter: 2006. We were living in Deer Park. And we were right on the precipice of purchasing our first home. It was a big year. Clayton was 11, M’kayla was 6 and Ricky was 4. Wow..that seems so long ago.

Third Quarter: 1985. I was nine years old. And to be honest…I really don’t remember much from this time in my life. It’s weird..I have vague memories of my pre-teen years but they are extremely fuzzy. Suppressed memories I suppose. I’m sure something profound will come out in a therapy session on Oprah someday. Cause, yanno…I am so gonna be on Oprah..because I am so incredibly interesting. Her ratings will skyrocket. Yeah, that.

First dime: 1994. I was 18. I was living in Elgin, Ok. With my mom. I was dating someone I can only refer to as the sperm doner for my first born child. And I was pregnant with said child. It was a frightening time for me. There were huge changes to come for that girl of only 18…my how I wish I could talk to her and tell her what to do and where to turn.

Second dime: 2006. See second quarter.

First penny: 2001. I was 25. I was pregnant again. This time with my third and final child. We were living in Deer Park, WA. Things were tight, but I was loving my life. The outlook was fantastic and I remember this year being a very good one. Seems like a lifetime ago.

Second penny: 1979. see first quarter.

Wow…who knew you could travel back in time simply by examining the year on the coins in your pocket.

G’head…give it a whirl…it’s pretty cool.

Then you can write your very own Pocket change biography!

And just because I can’t not share this with you all…

M’kayla is in love with her karaoke machine…she belts out tunes all day.

Well, my niece loaned us some of her CD’s to use for a bit and one of M’Kayla’s favorite songs is “livin’ on a prayer” by Bon Jovi.

Why yes..she does have good taste in music..thanks for noticing!!!

Anyway…here is your funny for the day….

she sings it:  “Tommy used to work on the docks…onion’s been on strike..he’s down on his luck. It’s tough…sooooooo tough.”

I just don’t have the heart to tell her it’s “union”…not “onion”.

I wonder what a striking onion looks like.

I imagine they roll around with little signs that say “don’t cry for me..they won’t be cutting today.”

Or ” no more deep fat fryers!”

Or  ” Give onions a raise….roots need to make a living too!”


Have a great one everybody!


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  1. WOW two posts in ONE day…your breakin’ boundries here!lol! Actually, I have so many things going on in my brain I have also done that once or twice…my husband wants to put me on a BLOGS ANONYMOUS…see I use to have a journal that I wrote in from day to day…then I found blogs and it’s so much easier typing and adding pics and stuff…then I realized that blogging is its own little world and I lOVE it…pathetic but true, and I’m wrapped up in surfing blogs and reading about other peoples funny activities! But I love this Pocket Change Biography…What a fun idea! I hope you don’t mind if in a future post of mine I use that idea, no worries I’ll make sure I back link :)!


  2. I am sending this to Clifton’s teacher. I think that it would be kinda fun for the teachers to take a trip too! I absolutely LOVE this idea. I am going to do it myself…when I get the time.

    Love You

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