God is not a pinata.


That little statement is what I took away from church this Sunday.

Seems silly doesn’t it?

We are studying prayer in church.

This week’s title was “pestering Him.”

I had to laugh a little when I saw that title on the sign outside of the church yesterday morning.

I don’t pester God.

Um…yes…I evidentially do.

So, Pastor Kyle starts his sermon and we are all learning about prayer and how God wants us to pray and what we are supposed to pray for.

Kyle says that evidentially he messes up sometimes too…he keeps praying for a Harley Davidson.

I can relate…I have prayed for camera’s, cars, cool printers, neat photo editing software, new furniture….you get the idea.

Anyway, Pastor Kyle says “I have a picture of God…wanna see?”

Shoot yes Pastor Kyle…show me your picture of God!

So he hits his little clicker and this photo pops up.

I was perplexed….God looks like a festive donkey pinata?

Wow…that is not at all how I pictured Him.

But ok…I can roll with that.

Then Kyle tells us that God (obviously) doesn’t bear any resemblance to a festive donkey pinata at all…but that is often how we treat him when we pray.

Now…the bible does say to be persistent with our prayer.

Why..Jesus says right in Luke (11:5) that we need to keep knocking. (ok..those aren’t His actual words…but you get the gist.)

But it also says we need to be careful about our motives when we pray. (James 4:3)

We need to be careful not to “take up our prayer sticks” and treat God like a festive donkey pinata.

Because what usually falls out of pinata’s?


And God is a good father…He won’t let us have all of that candy.

He knows it’ll make us sick.

I am sharing this with you because it really struck a chord with me.

I am often selfish in my prayers and only pray for what I want…not for what God wants for me.

And I often pray for my own selfish pleasures.

I want to eat all of the candy.

And I get mad when He doesn’t let me have it.

And I forget about all of the candy He has already let me have.

I’ve had lots of candy.

So..as you are sitting at your computer’s today..reading my incredibly popular blog…look around you and think about all of your “candy”.

And when you say your prayers today…thank Him for the candy He has already given you…and ask what you can do for Him in return.

* and on a side note…all of you mom’s…you can use this analogy too.  I know I will..the next time the kids start pestering me for something they just have to have….I am simply going to look at them and say:

“I am not a pinata..put your stick down.”

It will leave them completely perplexed and confused…it will stop the begging in it’s tracks…and will open up the opportunity for me to tell this story to them.


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  1. That IS actually quite a good analogy!!! Never quite thought of it that way. So I love to read your blog because you crack me up! I’m not a psycho or anything…at least from my point of view…i just love to blog surf and read blogs that keep me interested! Hence thepioneerwomen…darn those random drawings! Have a good day!

  2. Why do you ALWAYS make me open my eyes? I, too, have lots of candy now, and have had. God has been good to me. And I definitely will use the line. You KNOW how persistant your brother is.

    1) God’s Love
    2) My Family
    3) My health, yes that includes my mental state, well at times!
    4) food, clothes, and a roof over our heads
    5) the ability to love
    6) My Friends

    I could go on…but I won’t cuz you understand.

    Love You,

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