Tae Kwon Do, Dancing, gymnastics..oh my!


I love it when the kids bring home things from school.

Papers, all sorts of papers.

If it’s from Clayton, chances are I have a meeting to attend.  Or some sport thing to sign him up for.

With M’Kayla, it’s usually drawings, papers with “great job!” scribbled across the top, or book orders.

But today there was something different in her back pack.

There was a pamphlet from our local community center.

Normally, I toss those things.

I can never afford those programs they offer for the kiddos.

But something told me to check this one out.

Boy am I glad I did!

M’Kayla has wanted to take dance and gymnastics for EVER.

But I hate the thought of signing her up and paying out the rear-end for her to “try” something.

Guess what they offer at the community center???!!!

You guessed it…both classes.

And both sessions are 6 weeks.

And both sessions are under $30.00!!!!!!


I am so excited for her to be able to try these things and make a decision based on what she likes, not what she thinks she likes.

And for the boys???

Ahhh yes…the boys.

Well, I asked if they wanted to try dance…and gymnastics.

I was quickly dismissed with an eye roll from the teenager and the five year old?  Well, he didn’t even acknowledge the question..just kept right on eating.

Never even looked up from his plate-o-pasta.

Then I mentioned Tae Kwon Do.

That made their ears perk up.

And what makes my wallet perk up???

It’s basically free .

Bring two canned goods a month and that is all it takes.

You will learn the fine art of the karate chop. (or is that the Tae Kwon Do chop?)

And the canned goods go to the food bank. Bonus!

Granted, these are not actual “schools” for the disciplines involved.

But it will let the kids experience something new.

And I won’t have to add to the national debt to do it.

And they will be busy during the summer.

Not lounging around on the couch, watching cartoons all day.

Or playing video games.

Or asking me over and over and over and over and over again if there is anything to eat.

So..just a PSA (that’s a public service announcement for y’all who aren’t message board savvy.)

Check out your local community center if your kids need something to do this summer.

It might lend itself to some inexpensive fun and amusement!

For now, I am not looking for any amusement.  I am looking for sleep.

For tomorrow, I am off to pay the house payment and attack my mare with a shedding blade.

Her hair is literally falling out in clumps.

I so adore spring and white appaloosa hair embedded into every stitch of clothing I own.

So I am off to dream of bills and hair clumps.

I wish I could dream of other things.

Like….oh never mind.

Hair clumps and bills it is.

Night all!


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  1. Your photos aren’t edited? WOW…you are a VERY good photographer, because I LOVE the pictures of your horses…so beautiful!

    I grew up in Dance…My mom taught it to me, who learned it from her mom! SO I didn’t really have a choice in the matter! When I was about 5 or 6 my mom put me in gymnastics…luckily she did because now a days, if you want to do good in dance you almost HAVE to have gymnastics ability! I can tell you that Dance kept me on the straight and narrow…because I didn’t have much time to do anything else! It also gave me that confidence that you can only get from something like dance or karate because you improve on your abilities with each lesson or class…and when you become good at a particular step you have been working on; there isn’t a better feeling!

    So introducing your daughter into that world, I feel, is an excellent idea! Even though it is just touching on it…you’ll be able to know if she has a love for it or not…I think its a great plan…and also great for your pocket book! Yea for you!!!

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