It’s just the way he thinks.


Clayton had his first appointment with his new counselor today…I’ll have to relay the story of me trying to find my way around downtown in Spokane amidst the myriad of one way streets and human oddities another time…it was…interesting.

Anyway, we were sitting in the waiting room, waiting.

which is what you do in a waiting room.

I asked Clayton if he had decided which track events he was going to sign up for since track season has started.

We discussed the hurdles, and how, while that is not a good event for him, his seven foot cousin could easily walk away…literally..with a gold in said event.

(Lordy that boy is TALL!)

We talked about the relay race, the long jump and the shot put.

Then Clayton mentioned running the sprints.

Ricky had been quietly enjoying a book about maps up until this point.

He evidentially  was listening in on our conversation though…because  the following dialog went a little like this:

Me: “So Clay, you want to run a sprint?”

Clay: ” I think so…I like to sprint.”

Ricky: “Well, when I grow up…I’m going to have a verizon phone.”

See that…that face you are making right now?  Clayton and I were both making that face…then we laughed like we haven’t laughed in months.

I guess now we know what brand of cell phone service is the best in Ricky’s book.

And it isn’t sprint.


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  1. Lord, what a boy! Thanks for the laugh. His mind certainly works in mysterious ways. That was absolutely PRECIOUS!!!!!! Kinda reminds me of his momma. Give him huge squeezes from me! That is truly a priceless moment! Sprint/Verizon!!!! HAAAAAA HAAAAAAA How cute!

    Love to all,
    Mom (aka) Nanny

  2. I absolutely love and covet your horse! So beautiful and I love the picture you took! Just Awesome! Ricky is a smart boy Verizon is also my TOP choice…hahaha!

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