Whaddya think?


I decided I needed some levity today…so I have completely ignored the mountain of dishes in the kitchen.

I fed my children boxed macaroni and cheese..complete with the powdered cheese.

(have my mom-o-the-year award ready!)

I didn’t bother to put my littlest dust ball in the tub yet..and man does he need a bath.

I have pretty much shirked any responsibility I had today.

Unless you count paying the car insurance, cable bill, and phone bill…I did do that.

I have been hanging out online for the most part.

Cruising craigslist for a bargain or two..and finding none.

Laughing at the incredibly bad grammar people use when posting their ads on said list.

Feeling naughty because I laughed at them.

And picking the perfect photo for my new header on the bloggity blog.

So…what do you think?

I love my Honey girl.

She is so pretty.

And I wanted to share her pertiness with all of you.


Because I just know that you read my blog daily.


(this is where you appease my obvious need for validation by saying “Oh yes! I sit at my computer, hitting refresh daily. Just waiting for more of your witty banter Christi!”)




I was looking through my pics and found this one of Honey and it just said “pick me, choose me, love me.”

And I simply cannot refuse any Grey’s anatomy reference…so I chose it.

And it works beautifully.

At least I think it does.

For now, I am going to put my dirty, neglected, fed-horrible-powered-cheese-kids to bed.

Tomorrow there is school, and much learning awaits them.

Until next time…continue to refresh!


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  1. Wow!!!!!! She is SUCH a beauty! I love the photo! And YES I DO READ YOUR BLOG DAILY!!!!! So there (raspberry inserted here!”

    In reference to your previous blog…remember the song….”GOD IS IN CONTROL” !!!!!

    Love You!

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