Why do they DO that?


You spend months shopping for the perfect item.

In this case, it’s a camera.

Don’t argue..just go with it.

So, anyway.

You are shopping for months.

Reading reviews.

Carefully weighing the pro’s and con’s of each model.

Asking for advice from anyone who knows even a little bit about cameras.

Quizzing the monotone, I-have-the-personality-of-a-throw-pillow, salesman at the camera store in the mall.

And finally, one glorious day, you decide which one you want.

The clouds part.

The sun shines down upon your head.

The angels sing in a heavenly chorus.

So you are completely satisfied with your decision and wait, patiently, for the fundage from the government to arrive in your bank account.

But while you are waiting, something  happens.

The camera you didn’t choose goes down in price…drastically. 

Aaaaaand they decide to fix the one, glaring, problem that was the deciding factor in choosing the other camera.

So, now I am back to square one.

And Brian isn’t helping.

He keeps “doing research”.

Basically making me drool all over my computer.

Which is not good for my lil’ ol’ cheap computer.

Maybe it is time for the ol’ standby.


It very well may come down to that.

It very well may.


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  1. Hey kid…..what are your choices on the cameras? My friend Dieter from Germany says Canon EOS 30D. It is digital and makes some of the best picture I’ve ever seen. He is a photographer in Germany. It is an 8+ megapixel, you can change lens etc. It’s awesome. I personally can’t afford anything like that but my favorite right now is a Minolta Dimage Z1 3.2 mega pixel. He tells me don’t buy anything with less than 7 and NO more than 8. His little camera is a Canon Power shot 710 with 6X zoom and 7.1 mega pixels. They don’t make it anymore but you can find it on Ebay. Gives you a bit more hair pullin advice…..GOOD LUCK!!

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