The suuuuun is shinin’…and this rooooad keeps windin’


Through the prettiest country, from Georgia to Tennessee.

Sorry…I was channeling Keith Urban.

And that song always starts playing on my “soundtrack of life” when the weather is nice and springy.

What? I’m the only person who has a life soundtrack?

Oh well.

I embrace my weirdness.

I love music and it is a big part of my life.

And certain songs evoke certain feelings and times.

Yanno what else I love?

The smell of the garden center of wal-mart this time of year.

The way all of those bags of turf-builder and miracle gro look, lined up on the shelves.

Yep…it is nearly that time of year.

Time to plant stuff!

I love to get my hands dirty.

To grow things.

It’s what I do…I grow things.




butts. (ok, maybe only my butt.)

I just like to watch things grow.

And this year I plan to really work on my yard.

Yes, this plan has wrenched some anxiety from my darling hubby.

Especially when I said something about tree removal.

I think he nearly choked on his coke.

But he was a trooper and agreed.

Even if he only did it to make me happy and to hope that I’d forget.

I won’t.

Those suckers are coming down.

And that lilac bush is moving from the middle of the darn yard.

who plants a bush in the middle of the yard anyway?



I have been debating what to plant and where to plant it.

And it got me thinking about our old yard in Deer Park.

Man I miss that yard.

We had awesome grass.

Beautiful, mature trees.

Roses that went over the archway.

A big, huge, producing garden.

It was my heaven on earth.

And this yard will be too….only on a much smaller scale…and with less trees.

But as I was thinking about my yard in DP…I remembered all of the photos I had taken of the trees and flowers I had.

And since I’m in a spring time mood.

And because the sun is shining.

I wanna share.

So sit back, relax and breathe in that pollen.

And if you feel so inclined…put your own life soundtrack on “play”.





Happy spring everyone!


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