Spring? Really?



I have my doubts.

I think spring has decided that it will not be gracing us with it’s presence this year.

We are on our own.

Free to freeze until summer gets here.

Hey, someone get spring on the phone and tell it to get it’s butt over here!

I woke up to snow this morning.

Not a lot, but enough to be annoying.

the weather here in good ol’ Spokane has been reminiscent of Oklahoma lately.

Don’t like the weather? Well, wait a minute, it’ll change.

Currently it’s overcast and windy.

Five minutes ago it was sunny and warm.

This morning it was snowing sideways.

Indecisive weather just makes me screech with glee.


And I will leave you with this question to ponder:

Just what is it that gets on kids’ fingers that will NOT wash off of walls…not even with a magic eraser?

I’ve been a-scrubbin’ all day and it’s still there.

Guess it’s time to paint.


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