I just have to get this off of my chest.


 I am sure you all remember me talking about my idiot neighbor and how much I hate him.

Well, I had been discreet up until this point.  But I can’t be anymore.

He doesn’t deserve to remain anonymous.

He is a sick, twisted, waste of oxygen.

And I refuse to be silent anymore.

I do not care that some people can be forgiving, can even justify his lifestyle.

I cannot.

And damnit. This is MY blog and those are MY children.  I will say what I wish.

My neighbor is a level 2 sex offender.

He RAPED a 14 year old BOY.

He  STALKED this child for a month, planned his attack, and then acted.

He STOLE that child’s innocence.

And now he lives next door to me.

And somehow, I am supposed to be ok with this.

I think not.

I am disgusted.

I am dumbfounded that this personification of evil is being allowed to live within one block of  a park and an elementary school.

Not to mention next door to me.

And on the same street of at least three other teen-aged boys.

How is that at all possible and WHY am I expected to be accepting and tolerant?

When he moved in, he gave my son a tennis racket.

and a bicycle helmet.

And tried to give him other things.

It makes my stomach turn to think of what his motive was.

He was constantly letting kids come into his yard and pet his dog.

He was constantly striking up conversation with one of Clayton’s friends.

Finding things in common with him and chatting him up.

Ooooh…but because his “offense” took place two to three years ago and he hasn’t re offended since I am supposed to look the other way.

Well, I will not.

He was grooming these boys.

MY child.

People wonder how on earth these freaks end up raping multiple children and eventually escalate to killing kids.

It is because they are allowed to live within a block of parks and schools. And right next door to their targets.

I have never in my life felt such hatred for another human being.

And I am working on that. Really. Because I know that God wouldn’t want me to hate anyone.

I am praying about it all.  But I cannot look the other way.

And I cannot be nice to him.

He contributes NOTHING to mankind.

He has no job, he is collecting “disability” (fantastic huh?)

He does nothing but sit up in his apartment and watch out his window all day.

Now I know what he is looking for.

And I pity him if he makes a move on one of the kids around here.

I have no problem going to jail to protect my kids.  None at all.

There has been one upside to this whole situation.  My other neighbors  and I have all closed ranks around our children and are watching this sick S-O-B like a hawk.

It has been nice to know that other people are watching out for my children.

But I think it’s time we as a society stop allowing this sort of behavior.

We need to stop saying “well, they have a right to live wherever they want and have jobs and lead a life.”

Pedophiles DO NOT  deserve that.  They gave up that right the moment they preyed on a child.

They cannot be rehabilitated, that has been proven time and again (Joseph Duncan anyone?)   and it is time we stopped allowing our children to be victimized by these sick freaks.

Unfortunately, for the time being, I have to live next door to one.

But I don’t have to be silent about it. And I do NOT have to accept that it is ok.

It just puzzles me that it is allowed.

And it’s time we change that and protect our children.

I know I will do whatever it takes to protect mine.

Thanks for letting me get that off of my chest.

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  1. Oh goodness. I’m surprised the law will allow him to live so close to children and schools. Does a parole type officer check up on this freak to know his whereabouts and what he may be up to? Good grief, these freaks need to be dropped on an island by themselves forced to make their own survival happen.

  2. Does the word…”castration” come to mind? I don’t give 2 shits whether he has “re-offended” within 2 years or 50 years…he WILL!!! And I am here to tell all who will listen…if he even so much as THINKS of touching MY grandkids…he is in for an ass whoopin’ the likes of which he has NEVER seen! I Guarantee!!!!! And that is NOT a threat!
    There MUST be something legal that can be done here. I lose a lot of sleep over that sick M—-r F—– living NEXT DOOR to my family. I have burned his face into my mind, and I promise you, if I ever see him even LOOKING at my grandkids, well, just use your imagination. And I am not the only one who feels this way…their Papaw does too! So, beware, and woe be unto him. Ok, I have said what I wanted to here.

    Know that we love you all, and always will.

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