It’s time…already.


I know, there is supposed to be a recipe here.

I didn’t forget.

Something else has taken over my thoughts.









He is so excited.

I am more than a little sad.

He’s even excited about getting the shots he needs to have cause I’m a horrible mother and totally forgot that he needed them.

He’s ready to go buy a backpack.

I’m trying not to cry.

And I’m hoping.

See, the school who’s district we live in…well…for lack of a better word, sucks.

Funny enough, I go to church with the principal.

Funny how God works that huh?

Anyway. I am adamant that my kids won’t go to school there.

Adamant to the point that should the transfer we put in for him not go through, Brian and I have discussed paying for private school until they have an opening.

I really have issues with the school he is supposed to go to school at.

And evidently, I’m not the only one.

See, kindergarten registration opened this week.

Today, when I called the “target school” (the one sis goes to and I want Ricky to go to) the secretary there said “you better get his stuff in here quick, like today, because so far he will be # 3 on the list of kids looking for transfers from Whitman.”


Telling huh?

When kids are vying for a spot at another school to get out of yours…dontcha think it would behoove you to check into why?

Guess it’s not important.

Thankfully, Ricky has a good chance of getting the transfer because M’Kayla already goes there…and is a permanent transfer.

He will be too if he gets it.

So…if you are the praying type, a little prayer for this would be a blessing.

We want him to get the best education possible, and Whitman isn’t where he’ll get that.

So…I’m looking through this packet they sent home with me. And in it there is a pamphlet that lists things kindergarten kids should know before they come to school

They are:

  • Does your child know his/her first and last name?

Um…if your child doesn’t know this…you need to make an appointment with the doc. Something is seriously wrong there.

  • Can your child recognize his/her printed name?

I guess that one could be a bit tougher, but I do think if they can’t…at five years old…then you have not been doing anything to help them get ready and your parenting skills are a tad lacking.

  • Does your child know how old he/she is?

Again…call the doc…something is wrong. Really? Don’t know how old they are?

  • Does your child know the names of his/her brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc?

I sure hope kids know their siblings names…extended family I could see not knowing that well, but sisters and brothers? really?

  • Does your child know his/her address?

Very important…and I think all kids at this age should know it for safety reasons. Ricky does…and every street to the east, west, north, and south of ours for at least a city block. It’s weird…I know. But it’s his thing.

  • Can your child name the parts of his/her body?

Now that is valuable information…I mean, if they are confused it could lead to some uncomfortable conversations for the teachers. Just think, if little timmy thought his big toe was called his penis, and he stubbed his toe,and started screaming in the middle of class; “I stubbed my penis teacher…owie owie owie…I stubbed my penis!!!!!!”  That could be awkward.  Really, really awkward.  Peeps, teach your kiddies their parts.

  • Can your child tell you in a complete sentence what he/she wants?

Nope..all my kid kin do is ta’ grunt an’ whistle when he wants sumppin. And ifn’ ya ain’t gettin it fer him…I’d be a might upset.   (Sadly, they had to put this in for a reason..that reason? some kid couldn’t use complete sentences. So sad.)

  • Can your child identify what a library, a grocery store, a doctor’s office, a school, a gas station, a post office, a fire station, etc.?

Ok…first of all, the bad grammer? That is the pamphlet..not mine. I copied that verbatim.

Second…unless you’ve been living under a rock or in a compound somewhere, your kid should in fact know these things.

  • Can your child show you a letter of the alphabet?

He has been able to since he was about 1 and a half.  I mean, haven’t some of these parents been clued in to the gift that is PBS?  Sesame street anyone?

  • Does your child know how to correctly hold a book?

Wow.  I’m not even sure how to reply to this one.  Maybe that appointment with the doc is in order here too.

  • Can your child express thoughts in pictures?

Not yet, but he’s working on it…his abstract art class is nearly over and he’ll be starting his impressionist class next week….oh wait, you meant look at a picture and tell me what he thinks is going on in it?  Isn’t that a toddler skill?

  • Does your child play with print?

Not so much. This is something Ricky needs to work on. He CAN do it. He can write any word he wants to…and he types darn near as fast as his daddy. (really..he does.) but he hates to write.  So playing with it? Not one of his favorite pastimes.

  • Can your child show you a 5 (or any other numeral to 10) in a newspaper, book, or magazine?

I would hope, that upon entering kindergarten, a child could recognize their numbers when they see them.

  • If you point to a numeral (0-10) can your child name it?

Er…um…didn’t you just ask that question?  And the answer is yes..he can. And then some.

  • Can your child count from 1 to 5?  1 to 10? 1 to 20?

Keep going….I’ll letcha know when you get to a number that’s too high.  Last time he was counting, he got to 599 and quit because he was “tired of counting”.

  • Can your child find something in the room that has the shape of a circle, square or a triangle?

Sure can..and he knows that a stop sign is an octagon too.

  • Can your child show you something that is red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, white, brown and black?

Again, I cannot stress the importance of sesame street. And really, if your child is five and doesn’t know their colors…well…that is just not good.

  • Can your child tell you the color of something?

redundant questions seem to abound in this pamphlet.  To answer the question…yes.

  • Does your child have a chance to play with clay at home?

yes, but only if he’s in the mood to put up with his little brother…what? OH! that kind of clay!!! Oops.  Yes, he is allowed to play with it on occasion. What kind of mother would I be if I didn’t allow my kids to use play-doh?

  • Does your child have a chance to draw with crayons or chalk on large pieces of paper?

Wow…you mean there are kids who’s parents don’t allow this? What a sad childhood.

  • Does your child have a chance to use all kinds of scrap materials to paste on cardboard or paper and make designs?

His mommy is an avid scrapbooker…what do you think?

  • Does your child have a chance to finger paint or paint with brushes?

Again, if up until the age of five your child has not experienced this…you need to remove the stick from your butt and let them be kids.  That’s just horrible.

  • Can your child find two objects that are exactly the same?

Oh yes…we worked on that in his kindergarten workbook..and the preschool one..and before that…sesame street.

  • Can your child find two objects that are different?

S-e-s-a-m-e S-t-r-e-e-t.

I was really amazed that these are the “pointers” they give parents that their kids should know.  I honestly thought these things were common sense and that if by the age of five, your child has not reached one or more of these milestones, that you would have sought an explanation as to why they are delayed.

I mean..that would be a delay. Some of these, I would consider, a serious delay.

But..I do know..having dealt with some of the parents of my children’s classmates, that some parents just don’t care to deal with it.

I feel sorry for the teachers. Truly I do.  Having to pick up the slack or having to tell a parent their child is delayed when they obviously haven’t wanted to see it up to this point.

That must be a hard job.

I admire those who do it daily.

At any rate, I simply cannot believe that my little baby is going to be in school next year.

I will be sad.

I will miss him.

I will probably cry…and I do not cry.

But, eventually, I will adjust.

And I will nap.

And I will actually hear daytime t.v.

And I will snicker at the mom’s in wal-mart, dragging toddlers and pre-schoolers along on their shopping trips.

And I will take my dogs for walks.

And I might even *gasp* find a friend to have lunch with once in a while and attempt to develop a social life again!

But when he comes home…I will probably hug him big.

I will probably sniff his head and let him suck his thumb while we watch t.v.

And I will miss him.

Amazing how quickly five little years can go by.  And how quickly our babies aren’t really babies anymore.

It wasn’t that long ago that I woke Brian and said “it’s time”

And yet, here I am…crossing into another “time” at the speed of light.



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  1. Well, it doesn’t seem that long ago that I called Grandma and said…”I think I am in labor, and I need to go to the hospital.” And then she had to stop for gas and told the gas attendant,(yes, they still pumped gas FOR you back then!) to hurry because her daughter was in labor. And I vividly remember the day YOU went to Kindergarten. I cried…then went home and NAPPED. Then when I picked you up from school, I breathed YOU and hugged you so tight. And you were only in HALF day kindergarten. Now, let’s talk about “speed of light. And I remember having fits when I took my BABY to school also. Now, he is going to MIDDLE SCHOOL next year! Life comes at ya fast, so DON’T BLINK!!!!!!!
    Now, are you serious? I must say that if there are children out there who do NOT know their colors by the time they are kindergarten age, something is definitely wrong with them developmentally. Or, the parents simply do not care. “Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?” I swear!
    Ok, no ranting. You understand what I mean. Love You! Oh and I am SOOOOOO glad you knew your colors! Give the kidlets love from Papaw and Nanny! And I must say…you are a great Mom. Very proud of you!

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