It’s bedtime somewhere


And that is all the invitation he needed.

Last night I was going through Ricky’s drawers, looking for clothes he has outgrown.

I was delighted to find the fuzzy, warm, footed, race car jammies that Grandma and Grandpa got him for Christmas….I thought they had been misplaced.

So I decided to see if they would fit him..they looked so big when I held them up.

Surely my little baby can’t be that tall already….can he?

He can.

So he got to wear them to bed last night.




He almost cried when I took them off of him this morning to dress him for the day.

Poor little guy wanted to wear his jammies all day.

“But mom, they’re waaaaarm!!!”

“I know they are Rick, but it’s time to change.”

“But moooom, I’ll freeeeeeze if you take dem off!”

(complete with a fake shiver and teeth chattering)

“no you won’t, now let’s get dressed. You can wear them to bed again tonight.”

“Okay. But I’m not happy bout dis.”

So he changed and we went about our day…until about 4:30 this evening.

He brought me his new found loves and asked to put them on.

I explained that it was still early and that if he changed, he might spill his dinner on them and he’d have to change.

“I won’t spill, I promise.”

I explained how he’d have to stay inside, because you can’t play outside in footied, racing jammies.

“It’s ok mommy…I don’t wanna go outside anyway…can I Pweeeeze wear dem now?”

So I put them on him.

I have never seen a happier boy.


He even winked at me…or tried to anyway..


He hasn’t quite figured out the keep one eye open part of the winking.

I cannot believe this little footied jammie wearing baby has to go be registered for kindergarten tomorrow.







I mean, he is still so….little. 

At least in my mind he is.

His jammies are a size 9.

And only a little too big.


They really do grow too fast.

I will just be happy that he is happy in his “warm-ol’ feet jammies” for now.

Next thing ya know…I’ll be handing him the car keys.


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  1. My little baby has those EXACT p.j.’s. And I do mean EXACT! He loves them also. His are a size 14, and only a little too big. *sniff*. Just wanted to let you know that. How ironic is that.

    Love You,

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