Bad Blogger


I have not been a very good blogger lately.

I realized today that I have been leaving things off of here.  And I don’t know why.

Weird huh?

Anyway…some things I have wanted to share:

Dance Dance Revolution….it’s addictive.



(and please, pay no mind to the insanely messy room.)




We always have the best time playing this.  I think every home should have one.


get one.

Even I do it.

(sorry…no pics of that…no way, no how.)

Making gifts…

I love making gifts.  I think that often gifts are so cold and impersonal these days.  I especially love giving homemade gifts to people who I know will appreciate them.

Brian’s Grandma and Great uncle Bob had their party the other day and we really couldn’t think of anything to get either of them.

They are both elderly, retired, and have pretty much everything they need.

What do you get a person like that???

We made these:


These are gift baskets filled with two loaves of homemade bread…one white, one raisin.  Brian makes the bread and it is YUM-O.   We also included a jar of jam, a spreading spoon, a huge coffee cup and some single serve instant decaf coffee.  I wrapped the bread in two kitchen towels that coordinate, and stuck a card in each one.

I really like the way they turned out! And they were a hit with the recipients too!

And my little secret? I got everything but the bread at the dollar store…both gifts…maybe $20.00…awesome no? 

A random picture of Ricky…just because:


And what do you get when you combine two silly moods, no makeup, and one camera??

Lots of really bad pictures!

really…I look bad…but these are fun anyway..and I am determined that my blog not show my life as some picture perfect ad from some magazine.

We are real.

I sometimes (ok..most times) have a messy house.

I often don’t wear makeup.

And my kids sometimes have stuff still on their faces from eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich.

Life happens.

Fun happens.




It’s a crazy life…but it’s mine…and I love it!

Tomorrow: I have decided that I’d like to share some of my recipes with my mom…cause..yanno..she still uses the same rotation.

Fried chicken, meatloaf, microwaved in butter corn, chicken fried steak, microwaved in butter corn, breakfast for dinner, microwaved in butter corn…you get the picture.

So…I thought I’d share them here since she rarely has time to write anything down…so I guess that means I will be sharing them with you too.

So tomorrow…you will be privy to some of the slop I feed my family.

the recipes are usually not healthy.

I will not be sharing caratini or ranger cookie recipes….or cranberry fluff salad…so forget it.

Most of it is made with cheap food snobs…go away.

I can’t wait to share…and hopefully inspire you to share some of your favorites too…because I’m on a wicked rotation of my own and the natives are getting restless for some new fare.

So until then my friends….”Hottieoss”

(that is spanish for goodbye…according to Ricky.)

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