It’s friday..dontcha know!


And I have to tell ya, my blog has downright been a downer lately.

Sorry bout that.

I should be finding more…well…lighthearted things to blog about I guess.

Of course, life isn’t always lighthearted.

Especially when you and the bank both make huge mistakes and you are broke…the same day you get paid…and before you bought groceries….or dog food….or gas.

Makes for a bit of a downer day.

Why oh why couldn’t the stimulus package come today?????

Speaking of the stimulus package….what are you going to do with yours?

(sorry bout you folks who won’t be getting one…really.)

I have a list.

Oh yes I do.

Now  Dave  would have us all pay off our debts.  Snowball some of that new found income to other bills and start to build a nest egg.

And I want to do that…I really do!

(No Dave…really!)

But there is just something that is pulling at me….can ya feel it?? Wait…It’s only pulling me. Never mind.

I AM getting my camera.

Yes…yes I am.

I don’t care if I have to lay down on the floor and toss a fit…I will get it.

I know I keep saying that..but it’s true!!! I swear!!!!

Actually…I am happy that I have had this extra time to look into this whole camera thing. I have had the chance to talk to some pros and have finally decided which camera I will be getting.

No..I’m not telling.


Other things on the list that we will purchase to do our part to stimulate the economy..

(cause dats whut us simple, po-folks does when we gits a big chunk-o-change frum th’ govment.)

  • a new t.v.  Or at least one that is ours…not necessarily new…but not borrowed either. Yeah, technically, we don’t own a t.v.
  • Paint.  I still want to paint.  I want to paint all of the rooms in my house. Because I can, that’s why.
  • Wood.  (get your mind outta the gutter!) I want to re-do the front porch.  I really wanted to keep the original tung-n-groove wood that is there, but it’s rotten. Darn it all.  So new wood would (haha! Look! A homophone!) be fantastic.
  • Fence.  I want those large, brown and black poop factories OFF of my front lawn.  I want them fenced into the back yard.  Brian is not too hip to this idea. But I’m not too hip to washing dog bombs off of the kids every day either.  And besides, dogs are not known for making yards pretty. And I value curb appeal. It speaks volumes about the people who live in a house. And right now ours says “why yes we have a poop swamp out front..isn’t it charming?”  Dogs….go…to…back….yard.  I get a pretty front yard to putter around in this summer with no chance of accidentally having something less than desirable squish between my toes while I re-live my youth by going barefoot for most of the warm months.  Everyone. is. happy.  Fence is on my list.
  • A weed eater. Because I want that freak of nature next door to me to have NO reason to weed eat my yard this year. Seriously. I KNOW you are supposed to love thy neighbor, but I cannot love him for many reasons. And should he put his funky, icky, heaven-only-knows-where-it’s-been foot on my fence and push it in to weed-eat my grass again, I will not be responsible for what I do to him.  Seriously, the authorities will need to be called.

So far that is all I can come up with.  It’d be interesting to see what Brian’s list has on it. Right now, probably a lawyer.  he’s pretty torqued at me.

*that is a joke mom…really. He’s torqued but not looking for a lawyer…really. Stop breathing at me like that!*

And I’m sure the kids have tons of things they want too.

I guess we will have to see just how much they get…after I am done.

Cause..yanno…I need to dye my hair and I’m thinkin highlights, and a cute cut.

Anyway…beins it’s Friday and that alone constitutes a party…I am off to pull out some board games and play a few with the kiddos in front of the fireplace on this dreary, icky, cold evening.

Hope you all have a blessed weekend!


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