Caution, vent ahead…..


I am DONE.

Do you hear me middle school??? I am done playing your games.

My son was BULLIED. You need to punish the BULLY….not my son.

It makes me SICK that you allow that little shit to get away with this, yet Clay is made to jump through every hoop you can think up.

WHY did you make him rearrange his schedule? CLAY IS NOT THE PROBLEM!

WHY do I now have to shell out money I DO NOT HAVE for counseling when CLAY IS NOT THE PROBLEM?

To the “Mental health counselor”…..having ADHD does not cause a child to be bullied. Are you a complete idiot???!!!!!!
I simply cannot believe that you stated that him having ADHD caused him to be bullied.
And I also cannot believe that you suggested putting him on meds as a means to curb the bullying.

Oh, and how nice of you to all but laugh at me when I told you I was seeking counseling for him through our pastor. yes, I know he isn’t a “mental health professional”…but guess what, he has GOD to go to for advice. And personally, I feel like Clay would learn MUCH more about how to handle bullying and the feelings it provokes from a PASTOR than from some accredited heifer who wants to stuff a bunch of drugs down his throat and BLAME HIM for being bullied.


I have had it.

I am done.

You have all failed to protect my child from this obnoxious little twit.

I cannot tell you how angry I am about all of this.

The great thing is I don’t feel helpless….I know what I have to do.

I am done with you, Middle School. Just done.

People wonder why kids who are bullied go off the deep end…well, if this is how the schools handle the issue…I can completely see why it happens!

Go ahead, coddle this bully. Don’t even think about bruising this kid’s ego. Heaven forbid you scold him, might hurt his feelings.

Problem is…one of these days, he’s going to push someone’s button a little too much.

He will learn the lesson he should have been taught in MIDDLE SCHOOL the hard way.

Truly, I feel sorry for the kid. You have failed my son, and you have MISERABLY failed that boy.

It disgusts me.

And I am done.


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