Where’s Wayne-o?


Ahhhh yes, we all remember the old books.

Where’s waldo?

I loved playing them…so much fun to look for that little nerdy-harry-potter-wanna-be and his red striped shirt….

Hours O’ fun.

Evidentially, there is a new game, similar to Where’s Waldo, going on at my grandma’s house lately.

Her husband, Wayne, passed away a few weeks ago. It was terribly sad really…Cancer is evil.

And I guess that his wishes were for his remains to be cremated.

Well, Granny has Wayne now.

All 4.6 ounces of him.

(ok..that was just a guess….he could be a pound for all I know.)

And as you are all aware…Granny has Alzheimer’s disease.

Which, while incredibly tragic, lends itself to some rather humorous moments.

Actually, you just have to find the funny in it or you will cry non-stop.

So…I was reading an email from my mom the other day and she is relaying the story about Grandma losing Wayne……

The entire family who was there to visit immediately sprang into action…Wayne must be found!

Everyone was searching…was he in a closet?


Was he under the kitchen sink?


Was he in the Garage?


The bedroom maybe?


Perhaps Granny’s purse?

Guess again!

Our poor ol’ boy Wayne was found…ah yes, they found him.

He was chillin next to the toidy in the bathroom.

Grandma. put. Wayne. next. to. the. toilet.

She could have been a little more subtle about her feelings…no?

I, however, have decided that there was no malice in her placement of said deceased husband.

No. no.

I propose that she was merely giving her best in an attempt to get into the easter spirit!

Ahh yes, see! She was merely sending them all on a Wayne hunt!!!

So much fun!!!

It should become an American pastime…hiding the cremated remains of your loved one for everyone else to search out!

We can call it “Rediscovering Grandpa”!!!

I am so going to copyright a board game…..where’s the number to the patent office?!

Or maybe…just maybe…she was trying to engage us all in a rousing game of “Where’s Wayne-O”

I mean really, like I said….hours of fun.

I am thinking of suggesting a new Urn for Wayne….Me thinks the one on the far left should do..

And just for fun…I’ll even toss in a hat to perch on top of the urn to make is more legit…

(Ok…so before you all get all bent out of shape about me not being respectful of the deceased…let me just say…I didn’t hid him by the toilet.)

*Alright Granny…you go hide him again! I’m ready for round two!!!*


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  1. OMG!!!! That was the absolute funniest thing I have EVER read! Where the heck do you get it? I laughed so hard I actually cried and hiccupped!!!!!! The “new” urn and the topper! OMG!!!! I am definitely going to keep that one! I haven’t laughed that hard since Rick said…”if you regret sleeping with your 3rd cousin…You should have stopped at the First!” I swear. You are just amazing. I will laugh for a long time over that! Thanks for the belly ache, tears and the hiccups…not to mention…*snort*.

    Love Ya!

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