There are three of them.


I just noticed them yesterday.

I’m not sure how I’ve managed to ignore them until now.

I mean, there they are…visible to everyone!

Where did they come from anyway?

I mean, I was just sitting there in the van and glanced up into the mirror and there they were, staring back at me!

I swear they weren’t there last week, but they must have been…they have grown so big! They have to have been here for awhile.

I’m way too young to have them….I’m only 32!


Guess it’s finally time for me to join the ranks of those who dye their hair.

(Is it a bit ironic that I have three of them?? Me thinks not.)

So…have any of you seen the story about the bus driver and the “student” that got into a fight on the bus???

Makes me sick.

I just watched an interview on the early show that they did with this girl and her “mom”….and I use the term loosely.
That woman has never “mothered” a day in her life…if she had, that brat she calls a kid would never have been so disrespectful.

Why do people allow their children to act that way??

When asked if she punished her daughter, her reply was “I think this is punishment enough.”

What, exactly is the punishment???

This child was rude, disrespectful, and nasty.

She was (from what I hear) on a bus she had no business being on in the first place.

She physically assaulted the driver.

(granted, the driver did “touch” her first…but PUH-LEEZE people…I’m sure that woman was terrified! I’d have pushed the little brat too…she was out of her seat, advancing on the driver for pete’s sake!!!!)

I think it is SICK that people let their children get away with stuff like this.

It makes me FEAR for my self when I am older and idiots like this are who are in charge of my country.

I need to find a country where it is ok to whoop your kids asses when they do wrong and where it is still considered an affront to the senses for a CHILD to be disrespectful to an adult.
Can you still spank in Canada?

( I am only kidding..I love my country…I’m just tired of this “coddle the kid..their psychological health is at stake!”)

It is truly a disturbing trend when children have the control and people stop being parents…or just flat out ignore their kids.
Just sad.

MY kid knows I mean business now….oh yes he does.

I won’t tolerate it and he found that out…in a big way.

I know I’m not parent of the year…not by a long shot.

In fact, several people really don’t like the way I do things…I’m either too lenient or too harsh.

The nice thing is I don’t really care what they think…no, really…I don’t.

It’s that whole “glass houses/throwing stones” theory.

Anyway…this isn’t about me…that girl needs her hiney spanked and has for some time..and her mom needs to have her head examined.

On to other things:

The laundry has officially taken over the laundry room.

I guess it figures, since the room is called the “laundry” room, that is where it will establish it’s dominion.
I attempted to go in there today and make some sense of it all and I swear one of the pair of jeans tried to kick me when I put it in the washer.

Scary stuff, that laundry.

Even more frightening are the dishes.

Oh how I wish I were more organized and cared more that my house was spotless.
But I just don’t.
And I’m ok with that.

I am encouraged that the sun is out and that damned snow is melting.

Perhaps tis time I removed the christmas lights from the porch.

Of course, when one is belting out “redneck woman” on ones daughter’s Karaoke machine, said lights are instrumental to the ambiance of the song.

The children actually applauded when I pointed to the lights when singing that particular verse.

But really, I am ready to get outside and get my yard into shape.

I really need to figure out where I’m going to put in a garden.

How does one grow healthy, organic, veggies on a city lot the size of a postage stamp?

I am leaning toward raised planters in the back and using any plants that produce fruit or veggies that are also ornamental in the beds. (zucchini plants are actually very pretty, and bean plants climb fast and block out the view of icky, pedophile neighbors. *shudder* that dude skeeves me out.)

So…I’m off to do a search of pretty veggie plants and try to tame the ever-advancing civilization of laundry in the laundry room.

Have a blessed day!!!


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  1. At least you did not see 3 chins looking back at you!!! And THREE! THREE Grey hairs…..oh PUH-LEEZE! LOL I know it is traumatic, at least you have light hair. hahaha! Not like some of us. *sigh*

  2. Hey, you can tell Sonj that you Mom has blonde hair also, but the darn GRAY is showing through…and I am getting more as the days go by! But then, I have an excuse, been a Mom since I was 17, married 3 times, have 4 grandkids, and have been surrounded by DEATH for 4
    months, and I have to deal with a woman who has Dementia…so I guess I have EARNED those gray hairs. Ms. Clairol…HERE I COME!

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