Our weekend away


I know I know…it’s been a long time.

And you are all curious about that “I’m not telling” thing..

Well, I’m still not telling…

I will when I’m ready…nuff said.


Brian and I went on a little weekend getaway for a marriage seminar last weekend that was put on by our church.


We got to stay at Hotel Lusso
We got to eat at P.F.Chang’s
We got to shop at Pottery Barn.

The hotel was nice…really nice….with a lot of old charm (it’s a historic building) but it wasn’t nearly as nice as I had hoped. Still, way nicer than the motel 6 I’m used to!!!!
The bed was fantastic and I’m going to be calling to ask what that wall color was because it is exactly what I want in my living room!!!

P.F. Chang’s is so good!!! I lurve chinese food anyway…but that stuff was GOOD!!! And not nearly as pricy as I thought it would be!

And pottery barn??? Well….I wanna live there. Brian liked a lot of the stuff too..but just like me, he nearly choked on the prices.
He agrees with my tactic of finding it at pottery barn and then looking for a cheap knock-off at wally world or target!!!

But anyway…about the conference….it was just awesome!

I am so glad we went. We got to meet a lot of other couples in the church we hadn’t met yet.

And most of all…we realized that we have a good, God-centered marriage and how that is very different than the other people we know who just have “good” marriages.

We also realized that we share a brain.

There was one point where we were asked to list our top three priorities, then list what we thought our spouses top three were…then compare.

We both got all but one right. We really know what is important to the other one…and what is important to both of us.

That makes me feel really good.

We were also asked to list the people we thought had just “good” marriages and those who we thought had “God-centered” marriages…..we got those right too.

It’s truly comforting to know that we truly are on the same team….

really, really comforting.

We also had a ton of laughs!!! Aside from the quips from our pastor and his team, they showed a video clip that had me in tears!!!! Funny enough…I found it on youtube and would love to share it with you now….enjoy!!!!!

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