Just a few random thoughts.


Middle School teachers are SAINTS.

They have to be.

Because every day, I encounter at least 20 or so middle school students that I’d like to…well…run over.

The adults who spend their days with these little snot nosed annoying attitude having brats should be given awards for refraining from killing each one of them…slowly.

And should also be awarded medals for not systematically beating the crap out of the people these kids call “parents”. (because obviously, not many of them parent at all.)

White minivan lady: I swear, if you block traffic one more time at the grade school or force me to nearly hit a kid so you can get through again…I am going to shove that cell phone where the sun don’t shine.
And just so you know….I’m not the only parent at the school who can’t stand you…several of us want to kick your ass.
You should not be allowed to drive. And there are more people on the planet than you.


Why is it I can’t seem to stop eating papa murphy’s gourmet vegetarian pizza until I feel sick???
Someone tell me this please.

I think my periodontist is looking to get a new car…and wants me to finance it for him.
I am thinking he wants to do way more work than is necessary.
I’m going to get a second opinion.

It’s just basic manners not to shoot your airsoft gun toward someone’s car. And when I tell you it’s not good for your health to continue shooting it toward my car…don’t look at me like I have two heads.
I’m sorry your parents are morons and haven’t taught you that…but come on kid..it’s common sense.
And no, due to the lack of good judgment and restraint you just showed me, I will not let Clayton get his BB gun out and go run around the neighborhood with you.
Grow a brain and come back…Clay can play with you then.
(his parents want to…well…parent him so we make rules for him…sorry, I know it’s foreign to you.)

I really, really, really wish I knew how to get Charlie to not be so gassy. I know my house stinks…really, I do.
It’s dog ass.
Not a lack of housekeeping.
And I’m sorry.
I try…but darn it…febreeze, bath and body works, Mr. Clean, and glade combined can’t combat charlie funk.
Believe me…I. have. tried.
So I’m sorry my house stinks…..I’m trying to find a solution. Please try not to make those faces and look at me like I am a leper.

I can’t wait for spring! I want to grow things. I want to mow things. I want to take the kids to the park without having to put on three layers of clothes. I want to feed my horse without cutting my legs on sharp snow when I crash through the top layer of it.
I’m ready for sunny days!!!!


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  1. So, what is the deal with this White Van Lady? She sounds like she thinks she doesn’t have to follow rules. I have one at the school just like that and yes, there are quite a few people there who want to kick HER ass. Just curious. Have you said anything to her? Just wondering. Sounds like she needs a good “talkin’ too!” Ok, well hope you have a better day tomorrow. Love You

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