I just have none.


Ambition that is.

I should be cleaning my house…I really should.

Brian managed to stem the flow of water that was running all over the kitchen floor and down the walls into the basement. (hooray…water in the basement. just what I wanted.) So I can now actually get into the laundry room without trying to squeeze my enormous arse between the fridge and the oven.

I never knew I could suck it in that far.

Anyway..having the fridge back where it belongs would surely facilitate my cleaning the kitchen.
But I don’t wanna.

*stomps foot*

But I will. I have to. I have to make dinner. And I’m making a special valentines dinner for Brian. BBQ venison ribs, potato salad…and something else, haven’t decided yet.

The question is..do I want to do a dry rub? Or a sauce?

Hmmmm…only time will tell.

So, for now I am off to start cleaning. This is going to be a busy weekend and I want the house in shape.

This weekend we have:

  • The racer’s meeting on saturday morning.
  • M’Kayla’s party saturday afternoon.
  • Something else on saturday I have forgotten
  • Sunday morning church
  • Sunday afternoon, car cleaning..brake replacing for Brian’s grandma’s car…and the DAYTONA 500!!!!! Sunday evening there is awana. It’ll be a busy weekend.

I’m almost a little thankful that the kids don’t have school friday or monday!!!

But anyway, since I’m certain I will have unexpected visitors this weekend and don’t want people to run, screaming, for the hills at the sight of my sty…I must go clean.

Someday…someday I’ll be rich and I’ll hire someone to come clean and will then fire them because I’m really weird about how things are done in my house and no one does it right so I will have to do it myself anyway and won’t have a maid but will still have a messy house and will just be in awe that I can afford to have a maid.

Phew…that was a mouthful.

I never want a maid….just for the record. it would be weird having someone clean up after me. I just can’t do it. Skeeves me out. Kudos to those of you who can or dream of someday having one…but it’s not for me.

Now a studly Swedish masseuse named Sven….I could handle that! (KIDDING BRIAN!!!)

Love to all…and happy valentines day!!!!!!!


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  1. You are SO much like your Mom. I couldn’t stand having someone do my house either, cuz it won’t be done my way!!!!! You are going to be very busy this weekend. Hope you have fun.

    Love You…See ya at Daytona! (well we will see it 2 hours before you do…but I won’t tell who won!)

  2. Well you two crazy woman who couldn’t stand to have your house cleaned because it wouldn’t be done the way you wanted done!! PULEEEEZE, a clean floor is a clean floor doesn’t matter HOW it’s done as long as the outcome is the same. I had one remember Finney she was GREAT!! The thing is Chris….you would just like to be ABLE to afford a maid cuz if you could that would mean ya had EXTRA money….what does that mean? Not sure I understand that statement but anyway…
    I would like to tell ya again how proud I am of you…I read your weekend schedule and Sunday has been set aside for the Lord. How VERY cool is THAAAT!! I’m right there with ya kid. You know I’m STILL alone, that is I have no husband at least with “skin on” but my heavenly Father fills all voids like he promises in His word. I am going to leave it up to Him to send me a MAN OF GOD. I came upon this and just LOVE IT.
    Is that not AWESOME or what. love ya kid

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