Today has been an incredibly productive day for me.

But not in the way you think. No, I haven’t done the dishes. I haven’t finally managed to make my life completely organized. No, I didn’t get a job.

I found a karaoke machine!!!!!!

Oh yes I did. I thought it was impossible…but evidently it is not.

A Karaoke machine..that was my little girl’s main wish for her birthday.

I’m sure she will tire of it.

I’m sure I have waisted my money.

I’m sure I will be told these things over and over by many people.

But seriously…would I be a mom if I didn’t ????

My daughter will be different. She will appreciate the weeks of searching I did for this darned thing.
And she will sing with it.
And she will be the next American Idol because of my selfless act of searching, driving, calling and begging for this karaoke machine.

let me have my fantasy.

I have alluded to weeks of searching…oh yes. weeks. Who would have guessed that if you don’t buy one of these “around Christmas time” that you are out of luck??

Not me…that’s for sure.

But evidently the stores refuse to keep them on the shelves after the holidays.

Unless you are Toys R Us….then they keep them..but they are broken ones going out for service that they have forgotten to delete from their inventory or they are $120.00.


So…since M’Kayla’s party is saturday, and I want her to have her super-fantastic-American-Idol-making-singing-machine for that day…I decide today that I will not rest until I find one!

super mom.

So, since I’ve exhausted all of the usual suspects, ie: Wal-mart, K-mart, Target, and Shopko..and have looked online and have choked at the price of the darn things at: Sears, Circuit City, Best Buy *gag*, and have even been laughed at by the lady at Huppins (note to self…never shop there)
I decided to start at the pawn shops….Call the Unc…Jimmy Johnson that is…yes…we are related to the Jimmy Johnson….(only..not the famous race car driver, but shhhhh..the kids like telling folks that)…He has none.

I call Pawn 1…they say they have some…BONUS!!!

So I load Ricky up and head down to our friendly neighborhood Hillyard Pawn 1.

they have two.

they play cassettes.

Riddle me this batman…how long has it been since you’ve seen ANYONE selling cassette tapes ANYWHERE???


So we leave, and as a last ditch effort I decide that I will try the mall.

America’s cornucopia of hard to find stuff….like wal-mart…only way more expensive.

I decide to give Sears one more shot…perhaps they have one on clearance.

*crossing fingers*

I look around and see none.

Both of the electronics dudes are busy with customers who are actually buying things…one was getting a ginormous flat screen t.v. and the other…a veeeery spendy camera…the heifer.

So I go to look around the mall and the guys who always hang out in the appliances and pounce on you if you look at them asked me if I needed anything.

I said: “well, I’m looking for a karaoke machine, but I don’t think you have any.”

To which very nice appliance man says: “I think we do actually…lets go look”

He asks one of the electronics dudes and said dude says: “yeah, we have ONE….it’s over there”

I swear the clouds parted and beams of light shined down onto this karaoke machine box, accompanied by the sound of angels singing.

There it was…what I have been searching for for weeks….my baby’s karaoke machine..on clearance…SCORE!!!!!!!

I cannot wait to see her face when she opens it. (though I’m sure she will say “cool.” and move on to whatever pretty paper wrapped thing is next to open. Leaving me with a sense of disappointment at having waisted countless hours searching for this thing only to get a “cool”)

I cannot wait to hear her sing on it…and to thoroughly disturb the neighbors when I give it a go.

I’m satisfied…she has her machine…and I found a really hot sale at penny’s on undies and jammies so I finished off that gift certificate I got by spending it on ME!



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  1. Smart, resourceful, and OH SO FUNNY! You truly missed your calling. I am so glad you got that machine. Wish I could be there to sing with ya. OMG…the last time Mike was home w/his family…we were singing on Claire’s machine, and of course, Miss Thing tried to outdo me. Well, here is what happened…I got the microphone and started singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. Mike was talking to Mom and all of a sudden it got real quiet, and Mike turned and looked at me and just listened. When I got done…he said these words to me…and I will NEVER forget them…”Elaine, I had forgotten just how beautiful you sing.” OMG…talk about floating! Anyway, I am really really glad you got that thing for her. I expect to see her on American Idol in the very near future. Your adaptation of the clouds parting…beams shinning…that was AWESOME!!! You truly are the BEST MOM EVER! Love You!

  2. OH Yeah, am really glad you finally spent some money on YOU…as YOU deserve it! Wear your jammies with great joy! Hope they are really comfy! Wish I could wear stuff like that…I would just gel on the couch. Sounds like a great thing to do. Gel on the couch with a good book, no one bothering you, and no noise! Great Dream, huh? It is great that you got stuff for you!

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