I have nothing to add.


Well, I just don’t.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. And that is why I’m doing it now. Out of some weird sense of obligation to anyone who might stumble over to read about the doldrum that is my life.

There is just nothing special to add at this point. Life is as it should be…for the most part.

There are a few annoyances, but it seems to be consistently from the same sources, so I am just coming to accept that it will continue and I must just get used to it.

And offer a sigh and an eye roll when no one is looking.

The snow is melting…a little. Eventually we may be able to drive down our street without tearing out the underside of the McVan.

Good thing that sucker still has a warranty!!!

I am thankful that it is warming up though. It was nice to go outside this weekend and not freeze my patootie off.

Other parts of the country aren’t faring so well, or so I’ve heard.

I do have a question to pose to you though….

God? or a carefully planned thing done by the local Christian station?

We have the station on our alarm clock programmed to the local Christian station. And for the past two weeks, on sunday when the alarm goes off, the same song has been playing….I wake up and hear: “Come, now is the time to worship”

It could be a plan by the station to play this song to make folks get moving..but…

I think it’s God, telling me to get my fat butt out of bed and get to church because He has something to tell me.

And He always tells me something. This Sunday was great. I’m going to be a show off. God wants me to. Really. It’s in the bible. Go read it.

We got the ice and water on our new-ish fridge hooked up today. Won’t be long and I’ll have nice, cold, filtered water and ice available at the push of a button…yep.
That’s right…we’s movin up like fred and weezie.

Next on the list is one of them fancy boxes what you put yer dirty dishes in and they comes out all clean and smellin good.

(sorry…had a redneck attack)

I would mention plans for M’Kayla’s birthday party in this area at this time..but I learned my lesson about blogging about party plans prior to people receiving their invites the last time…so let’s just say, it’s been planned.

I’m excited. Really.

I think she will have fun.

Ok..there. I have blogged. And since I have nothing to add…I’m going to go and call folks and tell them about the party so I can then come back and blog about it.



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