For Mom.


I know things are tough for you right now. But for the record..I talked to her tonight and she told me “I think we (you and her) are closer now than we have ever been before. I hope she knows how much I appreciate her and all she is doing.”

So what you are doing does make a difference.

At any rate…I wanted you to know that. And I want you to listen to this. Just listen and think about it.

He is always there….even in the “storms”.

Love ya!


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  1. Ok, I wish to thank you for the lovely blog. I listened to it…and I KNOW that HE is always with me…even in the storm. I want you to know, I quit. I am not going to let anything w/Mom bother me again…and I will just pray. I don’t have it in me any longer. I am just too tired. I am grateful to you for letting me know what she said. That makes me feel pretty good. However, I just don’t feel like it is enough, because I cannot make it better as far as she and you-know-who are concerned. I hate, really HATE the way he treats her. I just wish he would go somewhere, just so she could live out her life in PEACE!!!! That is really all I want. Thanks again.
    Love you

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