I’m just sayin.


If you schedule someone for a referral appointment, and say you will send the X-rays over.

Please do it.

Especially if your office is going to be closed on the day of that person’s appointment.

I just spent my morning driving to my periodontal appointment only to have him tell me that my gums are indeed in bad shape (no…really? I’d have never guessed.) and that he can’t recommend a course of treatment until he sees my X-rays…which my dentist conveniently forgot to send over to his office.


So, now I’m off to fill a script for an antibiotic, (joy) and then I get to go back in a few weeks so they can tell me if I get to keep my choppers or if I have to get them all yanked and get dentures.


I won’t lie, I’m a little scared about all of this. I mean, I hate my smile…always have. I have a gap you could drive a mac truck through and I have always hated it. But dentures???? Really?

And I am a little more than upset at myself for not taking better care of my teeth.

Embarrassed actually.




But what can ya do right? The damage is done and now I have to live with the consequences.

So, anyway…if you say you are going to send the X-rays…send them.

I’m off to buy some Amoxicillin and some yogurt.

And just to add to the fun…it’s starting to snow again.

I’d go back to bed, but I can’t sleep either……

I’m just sayin.


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