Thank you Libbie.


Thank you so much for sending me these pictures….for so many reasons, thank you.

First…I finally have proof that at one time I was smaller than a size 20. And was actually kinda thin.

Second….looking at these kind of motivates me to look that way again!

Third…I never knew these existed and I’ve always wished I had more pics of me on my horses.

Fourth…I can now prove to my children that I did indeed used to ride and show horses.

Fifth…OMG can you believe I used to dress like that????

Sixth…Willy was truly a beautiful horse. I am ashamed that I didn’t realize how special he was until I no longer had him.

So thank you Libbie…these are awesome and more of a gift than you will ever know!!!

So here they are:

This is me and a show. I am not sure when these were taken, but I do remember that this is the arena at the Comanche County fairgrounds in Lawton OK.

Thanks Lib. You Rawk.


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  1. WOW! That was HOW MANY years ago? You look pretty darn good!!!! Well, except for that silly hat of Dallas’ you were wearing. But anyway, those photos sure did bring back a bunch of memories. Libbie sure knows how to get to people…don’t she! Honey, those jeans do you justice! BTW..I found my red leather ones. Am working on getting back in ’em.

    Love You

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