I love free stuff!!!!


I think everyone does right?

Well, I have been looking at some photo editing software for a while now. The one I want starts at around $100.00.

Not bad really. But I wanted something to play with now. Because I’m a gotta have it now kind of girl.

I lost my disk to my other software, so when my puter crashed last year…I lost my photoshop.

So, today I decided to look and see if I could find something to play with.

At least crop my photos and maybe convert to black and white.

And I needed it to be free.

And it was!!!!

I found a really cool program…although basic….for free on the internet.

It’s called Paint.net.

Very cool little program. If you are looking for one…and don’t want to have to pay for it…I suggest you go get this little gem!!!

I’m still figuring it out, but I have done some playing and for a basic program, it has some pretty cool features and effects!

Here is the original photo of the kids:

Here it is after softening:

And here it is in black and white:

And here, in Sepia:

These are just the basic click it and it’s done features….you can also play with contrast and curves and fun stuff like that! And I hear that you can download plug in’s for this too!!!

So…have fun doing what you are doing. I am launching a campaign to ignore my house work and yet-again-homebound kids by playing with this thing all day.

peace out!!! ( that sounds so nerdy when a fat housewife says it.)


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  1. Hey Christi,
    I to am a photo bug…MUCH has changed since the pictures below…alas, DIGITAL, AUTOfocus etc. Anyway, Adobe Photoshop has different “levels” of software for playin with your pix. After reading the info on the Adobe website, I chose the Elements, isn’t near as expensive as the professional photoshop. Their sug retail is 99.99…I got mine on ebay for about 26-35 dollars including shipping!! BRAND NEW, wasn’t a bootleg either. I got it last summer it was Elements 5.0 of course they now have come out with 6.0.
    Glad ya liked the pictures.

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