I found it!!!!


I found it! I found it!

I found my scrap room floor!!!!!!

Can you believe it????

Now if only I could find the sink under all of the dishes……but that can wait for later…..I am just so excited to have found my scrap room!!!!!!!

(what??? You want pictures…no way. Not yet.)

I started cleaning it tonight and once I get started, I can’t stop until it’s done.

So I have a clean desk, organized shelves, and a giant king sized bed in the way.






I made a decision. I decided that since the likelihood of anyone ever coming to visit me who might need to use said king sized bed was minimal at best, I don’t need it!!!

Big-ol-clunky-king-sized-bed is going to make it’s way to the basement this weekend.
(Brian doesn’t know yet…*snicker*)

That room is going to be strictly a scrapbooking room….

That is, after all, the whole reason I got a five bedroom house.

So…I am on the hunt now. I need paper storage and shelves and jars and any number of other organizational thingies for my room.

And, I need to decide on a paint color…..Brian made the mistake of telling me I could paint it whatever color I wanted to….poor, silly, man.

I still haven’t decided on what color yet…but I’m thinking about this:

Lime Ricky” Or this: “Blue Beyond

Something bright, and bold, and light and energizing!

I’m really leaning toward the green…bright huh???

Anyway…I am excited that I found my scrapbook room .
I am glad that I have a desk again.

I can’t wait to put picture to paper again. And I have a lot of that to do!!!


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  1. Well congrats on finding your room again!!
    I read in today’s paper you have SNOW and lots of it. Even cancelled school for the kiddy poos.
    As for your paint choices you gave us Ipersonally like the blue. It is soothing. Yes, you want excitement BUT you don’t want the external excitement the room stimulates do you? Rather a calming room for the projects to excite you. Can you tell I’ve been watching HGTV. Ya can’t go by me anyway, I do NOT like green unless it is on US Currency on paper larger than 20’s…hee hee. Good Luck and no matter the color it WILL be beautiful!! Have a WONDERFUL day…dang it’s early 6:39am here…YOU are still sleepin
    love ya,

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